Workforce 2023: 15 Trends for Blue-Collar

According to a recent report by EPAY systems, a workforce solutions company, 2023 may continue to present blue collar employers across the nation with the challenges and opportunities that many clients of LEAD Pacific Northwest have been addressing throughout the year, with some additional situations to look out for as well.

Expectations of Blue-Collar Workers in 2023

Some of the most pressing concerns for construction and similar blue collar industries in 2023 include the minimum wage rising in seven states to cushion the effects of inflation, ongoing labor shortages and workers switching jobs for higher wages, and expectations of better benefits traditionally reserved for white collar jobs.

Staying Ahead of Staffing Trends in 2023

Blue collar worker in factory

LEAD Pacific Northwest has been closely following forecasts and trends for the year ahead and continues to develop appropriate staffing strategies to meet the moment.

“Through our team’s combined 40 years in the construction, marine, and industrial staffing industries we have been able to learn a lot from the swings of the business cycle, and we feel very prepared to continue offering our clients the best service possible during the challenges of the upcoming year,” said Michael Lennox, LEAD Pacific Northwest Regional Manager.

Michael ran several successful offices for Tradesmen International prior to joining LEAD in 2011, and his time overseeing nationwide business development and supervising mergers, as well as his experience in the United States Air Force, laid the groundwork for his approach to executive leadership at LEAD Pacific Northwest.

“Our team draws on our many different experiences and backgrounds to come up with the best strategies for our clients,” Michael said, “And it’s surprising how often experiences prove relevant to the current moment that we would not expect. It’s been very useful in the past year to have a certain level of adaptability, and we expect to continue this dynamic approach to the staffing industry going forward, especially with so much in flux over the next eighteen months.”

Staffing Forecasts for 2023

Here is a short sample of some of the most notable forecasts from EPAY systems.

  • Employers should continue to expect higher wage demands.
  • Supply chain disruptions will continue to impact blue collar industries and require the attention of employers.
  • Employee health and its impacts on companies will extend beyond Covid to an expected difficult flu season in 2023.
  • Keeping talent will continue to be a priority for companies, and many will choose to increase wages and benefits to retain talent.

While many of these forecasts are extensions of issues already on the radar of many of LEAD Pacific Northwest’s clients, attentive executives will want to review their approaches and priorities as the new year approaches.

LEAD Pacific Northwest Can Help Companies with Staffing Challenges in 2023

Clients of LEAD Pacific Northwest will be looking to their staffing partner to be ready to work with them under the challenging conditions outlined in the EPAY systems report from labor shortages to wage fluctuations, but more importantly, clients expect LEAD to have the structures in place to deal effectively with the unexpected situations that inevitably arise on construction, industrial and marine projects that can’t be anticipated.

“It’s good to keep an eye on the forecast and prepare accordingly, but it’s even more important to be ready for anything,” Michael said, “Our team knows the numbers and the trends, but our preparation to deliver staffing excellence goes far beyond that. When we partner with our client’s we’re bringing an onboarding system, an accountability program, and a level of communication that ensures they receive the highest quality skilled workers with the backing of our entire office to deal with changes immediately as they arise.”

Michael’s team regularly fills positions for structural welders, pipe welders, pipe fitters, fabricators, manual machinists, CNC machinists, iron workers, millwrights, painters, carpenters, framers, trim carpenters, form setters, drywallers, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, refrigeration technicians, HVAC, and more. They also fill professional positions for foreman, superintendent, project manager, field engineer, safety director, and more. They have a geographic reach of the Pacific Northwest and the Puget Sound Region.

Reach Michael and his team at 855-485-5498.