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Employers FAQ’s

How do you find quality candidates in a tight employment market?2021-02-08T16:18:00+00:00

LEAD recruits 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.  It is all we do. 

Because we are a full time, national recruiting operation, we have many years of experience in finding, screening and hiring the best candidates in the marketplace.  Utilizing our proprietary recruiting method as well as traditional recruiting mechanisms, our recruiters and project coordinators have a dogged determination to find your ideal candidate.

Is it true that temp workers are those who can’t hold on to a regular job?2021-02-08T16:18:03+00:00

At LEAD we employ skilled crafts people who have a career trajectory in the vocational arts. Therefore, at LEAD, we do not have, hire or place “temp labor”.

As an “on-demand” skilled trade workforce resource, we do not hire every warm body that walks into our offices. Just as all employers, LEAD has the right to hire, or NOT hire, according to skill set criteria, work history, and other criteria within EEOC guidelines. Our candidates are screened according to LEAD’s methodology and those hired have the ability to select opportunities in alignment with their goals. Our employees are valued, full time, year round employees with a cafeteria of benefits, including Paid Sick Leave|Paid Time Off, holiday pay and 401k eligibility.

Where do you get your candidates?2021-02-08T16:18:32+00:00

LEAD employs multiple recruitment strategies to ensure our Trade Network has a wide variety of available skill sets.  We conduct job fairs and maintain strong working relationships with local government and employment services.  We also work closely with trade and technical institutions and have a very dynamic presence in our own job board as well as others.  LEAD also works daily to maintain a vibrant social media presence and to develop an increasing following as a source.

Do you place your employees only in skilled trade jobs?2021-02-08T16:18:27+00:00

Yes.  Skilled trades and crafts people are all we do.  From newly educated apprentices to journeyman level associates, we focus completely in the industrial skilled trade segment of the staffing industry.

If I have an employee on my job site that I want to permanently hire, is that an option? If so, how long before I can bring them onto my payroll?2021-02-08T16:16:36+00:00

Yes, you have the option to place a LEAD employee onto your payroll.  Each client’s situation is unique in that time is negotiated when the order is placed.  Direct Hire is always a great option and LEAD will work with you on amortization of fees.

Do all candidates go through your screening process?2021-02-08T16:18:19+00:00

Absolutely.  The process is intensive and includes face to face interviews and many other facets.  Each LEAD office follows Standard Operating Procedures related to screening to ensure all EEOC mandates and state laws are followed.  We also frequently incorporate client processes into our hiring and screening processes.

What if there are performance or other issues with a LEAD employee?2021-02-08T16:18:15+00:00

While this is rare, you should immediately notify your LEAD Account Manager or Project Coordinator.  We will work with you to determine the best way to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

Who takes responsibility if there is an accident?2021-02-08T16:18:11+00:00

LEAD takes safety very seriously.  Our employees are covered under our workers’ compensation for on-the-job injuries that occur while on assignment.

Why should I use your service instead of filling the position on my own?2021-02-08T16:18:07+00:00

By using LEAD, the hiring risk is out of your hands.  If you are not happy with an employee, we will replace them.  You have not made a time investment of reviewing resumes, screening, testing, hiring.  We cover workers’ compensation and unemployment costs as well as taking the stress out of hiring the “wrong” person.

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