We believe in creating opportunity for all.

Don’t Leave your Friends Behind – LEAD’s Job Opportunities are Meant to be Shared

When you refer a friend to LEAD, you aren’t just earning a reward for yourself.
You are sharing information that may LEAD them into their best career!

Learn How LEAD’s Refer a Friend Program Works*

  1. Refer a friend to LEAD
  2. When your friend is hired, we let you know they have been hired by LEAD
  3. When your friend is placed on a job, we let you know they started working
  4. When your friend has worked on the same project for 30 days*, you earn a reward
  5. If your friend COMPLETES the project (exceeding 30 days), you earn a reward

*Project duration and reward amount will vary depending on projects available.
*Speak to your branch’s Project Coordinator for specifics and start EARNING!