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Renewable Energy

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Commercial Construction

Within each of LEAD’s core industries is the ability to structure your workforce and project in a manner best for your organization, budget, timeline,  or other considerations.

LEAD works with you to create a structure that is best for your project.

Interim Staffing – Short Term or Long-Term Projects

LEAD can balance your fixed workforce with our variable team of skilled trades people.  Aimed at meeting your job’s variable needs, this option works for a period of just one DAY or one YEAR and beyond.

Temporary to Permanent*

The “temp to perm” option is ideal for employers who want LEAD to find candidates and assume all the risk.  If the hire is not a good fit, for example, the employer is under no obligation to continue the assignment.  LEAD provides a replacement if needed and the employer has spent no time screening, interviewing, hiring, onboarding.

In this option, as with Interim Staffing, LEAD also assumes the workers’ compensation risks. And, depending on the contract, the employee is eligible for hire by the employer with no additional fees after a fixed number of hours worked.

There is also an early buy-out option of the contract.

*This option is not available in the Washington region.


LEAD has a nationwide network of trades people who are willing to travel to job sites.  We have the ability to handle all back-office functions for per diem fees and other costs that may be associated with the employee traveling to the job site.

This option operates identically to the Interim Staffing option or the Temp to Perm option.

Direct Hire

In this option, LEAD recruits and screens the candidate.  The employer interviews the candidate/s and hires the candidate immediately.  The fees are extremely competitive and can be paid in a lump sum or over a weekly time period.