Positions regularly filled by our team include:

Providing Apprentice and Journeyman Electricians for solar farm installations and renewable energy projects, we have the crafts people who fit your project and company requirements from licensing to working environment experiences, fully tooled if needed, with OSHA 10 as necessary.

Assuring your Assemblers are in compliance with project schematics, your Project Coordinator works with you or your superintendent to specify qualifications for renewable energy projects: Assembling, installation and/or maintenance of photovoltaic (PV) systems inclusive of measuring abilities, assembling and bolting structural frames and modules.  LEAD recognizes the critical nature of specified experience meeting the relevant codes and standards.

Operators with solar farm experience and other renewable energy project experiences, per your specifications, along with proper licensing, required PPE and OSHA certification.  LEAD provides many equipment operators to a wide variety of industry and is, accordingly, well versed on the requirements for renewable energy projects as well as solar farm projects.

We understand the importance of job site experience and knowledge of specific crafts and assembly within the Renewable Energy industry.  It is an area in which LEAD has specialized expertise.  Experienced carpenters have knowledge of methods for laying out, orienting and mounting modules in accordance with codes and standard.  Regardless of your required skill level, whether your project requires specific certifications, LEAD works with you to provide the trade associates relevant to your specifications.  LEAD has you covered.

LEAD provides heavy equipment operators with or without experience in the renewable energy industry, based on your needs.  As your resource for solar/renewable energy staffing, working with you to ensure compliance and adherence to your company’s requirements is LEAD’s objective.

First and foremost, adherence to safety mechanisms and procedures demonstrates integrity and strong initiative.  Our measurement of the skill set for tower erectors includes heavy evaluation of safety mindedness.  Once cleared by LEAD standards, the candidate is subject to our scrutiny based on your requirements.  This ensures, as always, you have the most qualified candidate on your site.

Lead provides qualified turbine techs experienced in climbing wind turbine towers to inspect or repair wind turbine equipment and perform routine maintenance.  LEAD’s turbine techs are experienced in testing and troubleshooting electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic components and systems as well as replacing worn or malfunctioning components.

LEAD provides welders experienced with GMAW, SMAW, FCAW, GTAW with certifications as required by your region, state, and project specifications, i.e., WABO, ASME, AWS, and who have specific experience within the Renewable Energy field as defined by your project.

LEAD has all back office support necessary to manage costs associated with skilled trades traveling to your job sites as well as prevailing wage programs

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We believe in a sustainable future.

From the start, LEAD has been your indispensable partner for navigating the complexities of renewable energy projects.

Your Partner in Navigating Complex Renewable Energy Projects

Our deep understanding of intricate regional and national regulatory requirements has positioned us as leaders in the commercial renewable energy industry, ensuring your projects are not just compliant but also ahead of the curve.

Expert Guidance Just for You

Our subject matter experts are here to work alongside you, navigating the maze of regulatory requirements that are critical to your project’s budget and deadlines. With LEAD, you’re not just meeting standards; you’re setting new benchmarks in efficiency and compliance.

Your Success, Powered by Our Renewable Energy Staffing Network

Choosing LEAD means tapping into a national network of skilled trades professionals, meticulously assembled over a decade of dedication to renewable energy and solar construction projects. Our project coordinators, with their deep experience and keen insights, are unmatched in finding the ideal candidate for your needs.

The LEAD Promise

  • To streamline your compliance with local and state licensing and regulatory hurdles.
  • To keep your project on track, free from unnecessary delays.
  • To protect you from costly penalties in liquidated damage contracts.

The LEAD Advantage

  • Access to our unparalleled national network of skilled trades, built and refined over ten years.
  • Experienced Project Coordinators who excel in connecting you with your ideal workforce solutions.
  • A commitment to developing cost-effective strategies that maximize your ROI, ensuring that your investment in renewable energy projects pays off more significantly.

The LEAD Difference

With LEAD, you’re choosing a partner committed to excellence, with a proven ability to deliver unparalleled service in the renewable energy sector. Our unique position in the industry allows us to offer solutions that others simply can’t—ensuring your renewable energy projects not only succeed but also thrive.

Let’s Build a Sustainable Future via Renewable Energy Together

Embrace the power of partnership with LEAD, and let’s achieve remarkable success in your renewable energy projects. Our expertise is your advantage, ensuring your projects are efficient, compliant, and profitable. With LEAD, the future of renewable energy isn’t just bright; it’s sustainable, and it’s yours.

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Solar panels with mountains in background

“LEAD has supplied skilled labor to our solar company for the past 2 years:  Licensed Electricians, Licensed Equipment Operators, as well as racking assemblers.

LEAD has also provided resources for large solar farms from 1 to 17 Megawatt installations, as well as commercial roof top installations.

Using LEAD, we effortlessly maintained compliance with state regulations, as well as met production schedules and profitability goals. One phone call to LEAD is all it takes for Dick McLaughlin and his team to strategize and execute with excellence.

With great confidence, I highly recommend LEAD as a superior workforce resources partner.”

- Project Manager, Industry Leading Solar Contractor, NABCEP accredited PV installation company, Massachusetts
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