Our Mission

Our mission is to markedly enhance the lives of our craft associates through the alliances we form with safety focused, regional and national contractors.  When the alliance is formed, we enrich the lives of our craft associates by aligning their skills with respected employer partners.  In so doing, we create environments positioned to thrive. 

We believe in the power of skilled trades to transform lives and industries.

Discover LEAD: Your Partner in Staffing Excellence

At LEAD, we stand for integrity, authenticity, and an unwavering dedication to service excellence. Our goal is clear: to lead the industry in developing and placing the skilled trade workforce that powers your projects and propels your success.

Founded in 2010 by Mark Curtiss, a 27-year staffing industry stalwart, LEAD embodies a vision of not just being a company, but a community where every employee has a stake. This vision fuels our commitment to ensuring consistent, safe, and rewarding opportunities for our craft associates. We pride ourselves on being a national beacon in industrial, commercial construction, renewable energy, and marine skilled trades, setting standards for quality and dedication.

What sets LEAD apart is that we are not just another recruiting company – we’re fanatics about the industry. Our team is fueled by a relentless passion to stay ahead of the curve, constantly innovating with cutting-edge technology that supercharges our skilled trades staffing database assures you of our unmatched ability to deliver.

Join us at LEAD, where our mission is to advance your projects with the skilled, dedicated professionals you need to succeed. Together, we’re not just building projects; we’re crafting the future.