Our Mission

Our mission is to markedly enhance the lives of our craft associates through the alliances we form with safety focused, regional and national contractors.  When the alliance is formed, we enrich the lives of our craft associates by aligning their skills with respected employer partners.  In so doing, we create environments positioned to thrive. 

About LEAD

With integrity, authenticity, and an unwavering commitment to service excellence, LEAD’s intention is to be, in all aspects, the industry leader for skilled trade workforce development and placement.

LEAD is a nationally based industrial, commercial construction, renewable energy and marine skilled trades resource organization. Beginning operation in 2010, LEAD was founded by 24-year industry veteran, Mark Curtiss. His vision for the company to be employee owned runs parallel with the pursuit of providing consistent, safe and rewarding work for our craft associates.

The effectiveness with which LEAD operates today is directly related to daily enthusiasm of the entire LEAD team. LEAD’s company culture and tenacity nourishes strength of character and generates confidence in the ability to get the job done!