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LEAD is proud to offer our employees approved ACA healthcare plan options.

We want to make sure that you are all well-informed as to the choices you have.
You have a choice of 3 plans (links to descriptions below).

Plan 1: ESC Fixed Indemnity Medical Plan and
Plan 2: MEC Wellness/Preventive plan –

Plan 1 and Plan 2 are offered to all full and part time employees starting their first day of employment.

Download Plan 1 & 2 Overview and Enrollment Form

Download Plan 1 & 2 Overview and Enrollment Spanish Form

Plan 3: Bronze Plan – ACA MVP Healthcare Plan
(for qualified employees only)

Plan 3 is only offered to full time employees who qualify for eligibility based on the amount of worked weekly hours and length of employment.

Download Plan 3 Overview

Download Plan 3 Overview Spanish

*Plans 2 and 3 are ACA-approved. Plan 1 is not, but it is considered an accepted healthcare plan by the Dept. of Labor, therefore it does not fall under the ACA rules.

Please contact Essential StaffCARE customer service at 866-798-0803 with any enrollment or plan questions.