Positions regularly filled by our team include:

LEAD provides skilled machinists with a variety of skill levels and experience working on conventional lathes, mills, vertical turret lathes, drill press, 5-axis, programming and operating.  We possess an exceptional ability to match client needs of specific certifications along with drug testing and background checks based on our Mechanisms of Service Excellence.

LEAD provides welders experienced with GMAW, SMAW, FCAW, GTAW with certifications as required by your region, state, and project specifications, i.e., ABS, WABO, ASME, AWS.

Working within precise limits and standards of accuracy, our highly experienced pipefitters provide prefabrication, installation and service for new construction, plant or facility expansion, government, healthcare and industrial projects.

Our experienced recruiting team will match experienced and safety certified professional millwrights to your job requirements on a national level.

Installation, troubleshooting, and repair of industrial mechanical systems and equipment to include, but not limited to, conveyors, compressors, turbines, blowers and heat exchangers as well as set, align and balance various industrial equipment and related components.

Industrial electricians, instrumentation and commissioning technicians nationwide based on each customers’ specific needs.  LEAD also verifies and confirms state specific license and certification requirements.

Fully vetted and screened personnel who can set up rigging at manufacturing & industrial plants, shipyards and construction sites. Under client supervision our riggers can assist with aligning and anchoring machinery, attaching loads, or controlling the movement of heavy equipment. Working with our clients on certification verification and adherence, we partner to ensure safety practices are followed at all times.

LEAD has all back-office support necessary to manage costs associated with our skilled trade associates traveling to your job sites.

Not only do we have a large network of trades people ready to travel, we also handle coordination of travel, management of cost, per diems, lodging and any other issues that arise when our associates travel on behalf of your project.

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We believe in on-time delivery and quick turnarounds.

In today’s industrial landscape, you’re facing more complexity than ever before. With constant technology changes, the challenge of limited space, a shrinking pool of skilled talent, no room for errors or downtime, and the pressure to maximize quality while balancing material flow, we understand the hurdles you’re up against.

Navigating the Complexity of the Industrial Industry Just for You

At LEAD, we’re in step with the rapid pace of changes you’re experiencing. Our services are designed to alleviate the additional stress caused by workforce challenges, making your life easier and your operations smoother.

Tailored Solutions for Your Industrial Industry Staffing Challenges

We’ve honed our expertise over many years, rising to meet industry challenges with finesse. Our experience spans:

  • Conveyor Systems for top-tier distribution centers
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Parcel Conveyors
  • Baggage Handling Systems
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Bottling Plants
  • Paper Mills
  • Grain Handling Facilities
  • Mines
  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemical Processing Plants
  • Pipelines
  • Power Generation

Aware of the national skilled trades shortage in the industrial industry and its impact on your projects, we’re here to ensure you’re not just coping but thriving. LEAD has crafted detailed strategies to tackle both immediate and long-term shortages:

  • Innovative Sourcing and Recruiting Strategies
  • Short Term Temp to Hire Options
  • Candidate Engagement Mechanisms
  • Unique Employee Engagement Program to Reduce Turnover, Ensuring Stability

Partner with LEAD for Success

Our nationwide industrial team, led by seasoned professionals, boasts a track record of excellence in skilled trade workforce development. Our deep involvement in industrial projects has built an extensive network of trade professionals who consistently deliver, whether on long or short-term projects.

Our approach goes beyond just filling positions. We’re proactive, staying two steps ahead to help you manage change effectively, ensuring that you’re always prepared for what’s next.

By engaging with LEAD, you’re not just hiring a service; you’re partnering with a team dedicated to your success, ready to help you navigate the complexities of today’s industrial landscape with ease and confidence.

Let’s Move the Industrial Industry Forward Together

Choose LEAD for a partner who not only understands the staffing challenges you face but has the solutions and the expertise to help you overcome them. Together, we’ll ensure that your operations run smoothly and efficiently, no matter what comes your way.

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Man working on industrial plant

“LEAD has provided Combination Welders, Industrial Construction Plumbers, Heavy Equipment Operators and Millwright Mechanics for the past 4 years. LEAD was an integral part of the Multi- Million Dollar Family Resort built in Central California last year. LEAD provided 90% of the Industrial Plumbers used by our company.

In the early stages of the resort project we were using 3 other staffing providers. However LEAD became our primary provider because of the magnificent efforts in filling our open positions.  LEAD made numerous visits during the project to conduct safety visits, deliver supplies to their employees and to just ensure that they stay abreast of the needs of our project. From the day I placed the call that we needed assistance with a ramp up, the LEAD Team was on it and where able to provide support immediately. I highly recommend LEAD as a resource partner for any of your projects.”

- Regional Manager, Worldwide General industrial Contractor, Fabricator, and Mechanical Installation Provider
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