The Positives of Temporary Trade Workers

The number one top-of-mind thought when someone learns you are a temporary trade worker is that you can’t hold down a job or find permanent employment. Unfortunately, this is the stereotype of a temporary worker. However not true of most professional and licensed skilled trades workers.

LEAD New England Managing Partner Dick McLaughlin encourages companies seeking temporary workers partner with service providers that specialize in the industry and more importantly to the specific job classifications they require.  Many temp agencies try to provide everything from ditch diggers to roofers and everything in between. This often results in a lack of focus and just taking orders and filling orders with warm bodies, which is why everyone loses. The one-size-fits-all staffing agency can lead to the customer getting poor quality temps and the temps getting mismatched job placements. A mismatched temp sometimes experiences ridicule for lack of knowledge and skills resulting in poor performance, disgruntled employees and no-show-no calls. There are some staffing agencies who are negatively stereotyped due to the work today get paid today policies. LEAD has built a nationwide network of business leaders that are specialized in the markets and industries resulting in superior services and quality of temporary workers resulting in a WIN-WIN-WIN philosophy.

“The skilled trade staff workers who are temporary placements through LEAD New England are full time employees with benefits and a sense of inclusion which fosters committed workers who take pride in a job well done – way above stereotypes. LEAD workers are exceptionally skilled in their craft and dedicated to the position they are hired in,” says Dick, a staffing industry professional for over 25 years. Dick offers the following reasons why LEAD’S temporary skilled trade workers are a positive for any company.

Eager to Learn

Many temporary employees are willing and eager to learn new skills by working with the top contractors in their industry. The LEAD temporary trade worker walks into a job placement with a specific set of skills, but with the expectation they will have the opportunity to enhance those skills in the new environment in which they are placed.

Work-Life Balance

Some people are happier in their life and work when have freedom and flexibility of choice in their work and having options on project locations, type of work, and rate of pay. Workers like the ‘freedom’ of choosing their next post – whether it’s a specific company they like, or a position they want within a project. Location also is another huge motivator of choice for the temporary worker, leaving them a sense of ownership and control over their work-life balance. A temporary trade worker can consider a job placement offer and the flexibility to make the ultimate choice.

Ready to Impress

“Knowing all too well that the ultimate success of our business is repeat customers with strong pipelines of projects, new LEAD employees are coached on the importance of their mission and the responsibility they’re taking on to make a tremendously important contribution to the customer and the customer’s customer,” says Dick. There also is the type of worker who seeks to join a company for additional growth opportunities, therefore knows he/she must perform well because their future depends on good performance.

Welcomes Change

Routine work can be the cause of boredom in a job and long-term permanence is not for everyone, says Dick, who has helped place skilled workers throughout the northeast from New Jersey to Maine in a variety of positions and specializing in the electrical trades. The start of a new job or ending a job on a high note can be invigorating, even thrilling. Those who seek temporary work are excited at the newness of an opportunity, a new job, or a new task, often thriving in an ever-changing environment.

Companies seeking to hire qualified temporary skilled trade workers to staff their next project can be confident in LEAD New England to execute the best plan to fill your staffing needs. And, if you are a skilled trade worker looking for your next gig, join LEAD New England and help them stomp on that negative stereotype of temporary workers. Call LEAD New England today to get working tomorrow!