Quiet Hiring Success Requires a Trusted Staffing Partner

With many companies using the technique of “quiet hiring” to add new skills and rise to new challenges without hiring additional full time staff members, LEAD Professional has well situated itself to be the staffing partner of choice for firms making the most of this relatively new phenomenon.

“We’ve been seeing a lot of changes in the workplace over the last three years, and we continue to approach challenges with the flexible, client-focused tried and tested approach that allows LEAD to be so successful nationwide,” said Carrie Mae Berry, Managing Partner and National Sales Manager of LEAD Professional, “Our clients who are looking for ways to maximize their employee’s contributions through external quiet hiring will really benefit from working with a quality staffing partner like LEAD Professional.”

The Benefits of External Quiet Hiring

External quiet hiring is a great way for companies to bring on workers while retaining a degree of flexibility that’s not possible with long term contracts, and providing quality workers for these types of positions is a specialty of LEAD Professional, which has focused on placing temporary, direct hire, seasonal and tempt-to-permanent staffing positions for national and regional manufacturers, informational technologies industries, health care, and business professional industries across the US.

“Our team at LEAD Professional is always mindful of the number of interests our clients have as we fill these crucial positions, and we treat each role as a unique entity.  We pride ourselves on the way we are able to provide our clients with the best qualified workers possible through consistent and effective communication with both our clients and our candidates.  In doing so, we can provide workers who join our team with environments and opportunities that allow them to further their career and provide opportunities to join a culture that allows them to thrive.” Carrie continued by saying “These successful partnerships with our clients and our candidates allow LEAD to flourish as a business and benefit the community through contributing to important work. When everyone feels that a project is win-win-win then we know we’re doing our job right.”

This difficult balancing act is a challenge Carrie has worked for her whole life, with over 21 years in career services and recruiting and staffing experience in a variety of industries, she and her team of experienced recruiters are able to regularly fill crucial roles for their clients.  Such as, RNs, Healthcare Leadership, Financial Controllers, Senior Accountants, CFOs, HR Directors, District Managers, Radiology Technicians, Sales Representatives and Recruiters to name a few.

“When we work within industries that have a lot of variety or in times when employers are shifting the way they do business, it is critical to be versatile.  We are quite practiced when dealing with many industries at once.  Our success comes from drawing on our whole team’s collected experiences from the diverse backgrounds and experience.  This is a crucial part of our success.  LEAD Professional Staffing truly is a team effort focused on finding the right candidate for the right client and visa-versa.” Carrie said.

Hiring the Right Candidate

For businesses that decide to try external quiet hiring, their choice of short-term employee will be crucial for the project’s success. LEAD has a unique method of seeking out and onboarding the best workers through a tried and tested method of employee selection.

“The true measure of our success only comes when our clients succeed,” Carrie said, “With this in mind, we go above and beyond to select the highest quality candidates and ensure their proper placement with the firms we match them with. Our onboarding process is a crucial step in ensuring that a firm undertaking a quiet hiring project by partnering with LEAD will have the best chance of success.”

LEAD’s Onboarding Process

Their onboarding process demonstrates LEAD Professional’s commitment to their client’s success: after the perfect candidate completes the stringent, comprehensive background checks, various screenings, and competence verifications, LEAD Professional equips them with the special requirements specific to their job site or office, taking into consideration travel needs, any supplies or protective gear needed, and much more. Most importantly, once the employee is on the job site, the employee enjoys the full backing of the LEAD Professional team, who work closely with them throughout the short-term contract, as well as with the client to ensure everything is being done to contribute to the project’s success.

Let LEAD Help with Your External Quiet Hiring

To hear about how Carrie and her team can help with quiet hiring, reach out to her at 239-398-0874.