Partner With Lead Staffing Ensuring Accurate Wages

When businesses partner with Lead Staffing, we have three goals:

  1. Give you the best manpower for your project needs.
  2. Consult your businesses on tradesmen pay rates.
  3. Help your business grow and save money.

Lead Staffing specializes in supplemental manpower for the trade industry. We want to give our clients peace of mind when hiring new tradesmen. Lead Staffing can help your business achieve this by using us as consultants when calculating incomes for many different trade avenues. 

Experts on Accurate, Fair Wage

Wages are constantly changing because of the economy and the changing demands for certain niches in the trade industry. Lead Staffing stays up-to-date on current competitive wages for each trade service avenue.

Lead Staffing actively employs tradesmen regionally and nationally throughout the U.S., making Lead Staffing experts in real-time earnings for various skilled trades and regions alike. 

You want your company to be known for its quality salaries, attracting employees from across the country or regionally. Lead Staffing can show you the research done that establishes living, superior wages.

“Companies like ours have more of a pulse of what is going on wage wise as our staffing is done abroad many customers nationwide,” said Michael Lennox, Regional Manager at Lead Staffing.

As a partner with Lead Staffing, let us be your resource so we can help grow your business incrementally and profitably.