LEAD Pinellas Sets Itself Apart by Focusing on Strategic Partnerships with Clients

When LEAD Pinellas opened in 2021 Branch Manager Jennifer Peavy understood that in a crowded industry of labor suppliers, standing out was going to require being more than a standard staffing company, and along with the broader LEAD corporation she and her team began focusing on strategic partnerships, rather than the more common impersonal and undifferentiated approach to projects, as way to make the staffing industry better.

“We were looking for what we could do to improve our industry for everyone involved and found there was a real need in clients to have their projects handled in a case-by-case way, where no two projects are the same, and every client’s individual needs are specifically addressed,” Jennifer said, “And we saw the results in our customer’s satisfaction immediately when they could feel that our level of commitment to their work went far beyond what they were used to from other staffing agencies.”

The strategic partnerships that matter to Jennifer and all of LEAD Pinellas start on day one when all their new hires undergo a rigorous onboarding process that has the goal in mind of only sending employees to job sites where their contribution will elevate the entire project.

“Strategic partnership is about more than just getting the right employee to the right project,” said Jeremy Reask, LEAD Pinellas Project Coordinator, “It’s about finding the perfect employee specific to our client’s requests and long-term plans. That level of coordination requires a lot more back and forth between us and the client, and our commitment to this process of upholding our standards while at the same time tailoring our approach to our client’s goals is where LEAD Pinellas is really set apart from other staffing companies.”

The LEAD Onboarding Process is Designed for Long Term Cooperation

LEAD Pinellas begins their onboarding process by listening to their client’s specific needs for each project, so that the search for the perfect skilled trade worker begins on the right foot.

“It’s with our client’s goals in mind that we pursue a recruiting strategy specifically tailored to their needs, and this is where our client’s really see what a strategic partnership with LEAD Pinellas is all about: during our search for the right candidate for our client’s project, we’re tweaking our findings based on updates in our client’s specifications and changes to their long-term goals,” said Jennifer.

“We succeed when our clients succeed,” Jeremy added, “And so it is in our best interests to go above and beyond in exceeding their expectations in terms of the quality and proper placement of the people we match them with. Putting the perfect employee on the job is what is best for them, and what is best for them is best for us. That’s why strategic partnership is such a recipe for success, everyone is incentivized to do their best work.”

The final stages of the win-win onboarding process continue to demonstrate LEAD Pinellas commitment to their client’s success: after the perfect candidate completes the stringent, comprehensive background checks, various screenings, and competence verifications, LEAD Pinellas equips them with all of the special requirements specific to their job site, taking into consideration PPE, travel needs, and more. And most importantly, once the employee is on the job site, the employee enjoys the full backing of the LEAD team, working closely with them, and with the client, to ensure they contribute everything they can to the project’s success.

This focus on doing what is good for everyone involves working with a variety of skilled trade workers and clients, so LEAD Pinellas focuses on the areas they know best so that they’re only ever providing their best for the industry. Positions regularly requested and filled by LEAD Pinellas include electricians, plumbers, sheet metal mechanics, welders, and more, with a geographic reach from the Tampa Bay Region to the broader state of Florida.

Build a Strong Staffing Partnership with LEAD Pinellas

“Our staffing agency wants to be involved in something that benefits everyone,” Jennifer said, “And we treat our clients as partners in a broader project of improving our home cities and our state. It’s about much more than a job, it’s about building relationships that will help everyone involved in the Commercial Construction industry do what we do best, which is building a safe and productive Florida.”

Partner with LEAD Pinellas today: Call Jennifer at (727) 219-2602.