LEAD Corpus Christi Promotes Training During Ladder Safety Month 2023

Safety training has a significant impact on ladder-related injuries in the skilled trade industry. LEAD Corpus Christi will follow the lead of the American Ladder Institute to elevate awareness of the safe use of ladders with the intent to decrease the number of ladder-related injuries and fatalities during National Ladder Safety Month. According to the American Ladder Institute, every year over 100 people die in ladder-related accidents, and thousands suffer disabling injuries.

Safety Training is Essential for Skilled Trade Workers

LEAD Corpus Christi, a leader in matching skilled trade workers with businesses in need of staff, is diligent in ensuring its employees are properly trained. “Safety training in a specific trade and the practices required to perform the job should be the goal of all companies employing skilled trade workers. It’s the training that reduces injury,” says Barbara Lopez, LEAD Corpus Christi Regional Branch Manager. “Yes, there may be accidents, but statistics show that proper training results in decreased injury.”

Furthermore, re-training also is necessary which is why so many companies like LEAD conduct annual safety training for their employees, says Barbara. “When a worker uses a ladder every day in his or her job, it can become second nature. This is when it becomes more important to conduct a refresher course including the safety rules in ladder use. Safety should always be top-of-mind.”

Barbara is OSHA 30 Safety certified and understands the importance of safety in the skilled trades. She says the top three OSHA-cited ladder violations are lack of worker training, improper use of the top of step ladders, and not having a portable ladder extend three feet above the landing.

Celebrate Ladder Safety Month 2023 by these Reviewing Ladder Safety Tips

Companies and their workers can avoid violation and reduce ladder-related injury by learning about the four key themes of National Ladder Safety Month 2023 that highlight safety tips for anyone using a ladder.

Choosing Your Ladder

Ladder safety doesn’t begin with the use of the ladder; it begins with the ladder you choose which is dependent on the task you wish to perform. When choosing a ladder you must consider the material of which the ladder is made, the size and weight of the ladder, the duty rating, and the style of ladder (step ladder, extension ladder, multi-purpose ladder, etc.).

Ladder Safety Before the First Step (Inspection and Set Up)

Is your ladder in good working condition? The first step before the first step in using a ladder is to check the condition of your ladder. Next, it is important to set up your ladder properly. “Be sure it is set on a level surface, that it’s fully opened and locked in place. All four feet must be fully supported by the ground,” says Barbara, “and a safety check should be conducted before each use of the ladder.”

Safety While Climbing

“Accidents happen to the most experienced ladder users. However, following a few simple steps can help a worker climb safely,” says Barbara.

  1. Face the ladder
  2. Grip the ladder firmly
  3. Climb hands-free (use a tool belt, tagline, or rope for materials/tools)
  4. Keep centered between the side rails
  5. Maintain three points of contact while climbing: two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand on the ladder while climbing.

Ladder Safety at the Top

Maintaining three points of contact as mentioned above in ‘Safety While Climbing’ is also safe practice while at the top of the ladder. Additionally, do not stand on the top step. The top few steps are designed to support your body. “Use these steps to lean up against while you perform your task,” says Barbara.

One last ladder safety tip – don’t miss the last step when you climb down a ladder. “So many injuries occur because the climber is in a hurry and misses the last step, resulting in injury,” says Barbara. “Use common sense and take your time. These two things along with the tips outlined will help keep you safe while using a ladder.”

LEAD Corpus Christi’s Skilled Trades Workers are Trained on Safety

LEAD Corpus Christi specializes in placing dedicated, high-quality skilled workers in industrial and commercial construction, refinery contracted positions including turnarounds, industrial and commercial skilled craft trades. Safety-conscious, skilled trade workers seeking placement with top notch companies can get started by reaching out to Barbara Lopez and her team. And, companies in need of staffing should call Barbara today to learn how she can help you find the right, safety-trained employees for your projects. Call 361-208-7708.