LEAD Celebrates Nine Years as a Member Contractor with ISN With a 100% RAVS Safety Score

LEAD is celebrating their 9th year as a member contractor with ISN, the global leader in contractor supplier and information management, and has earned an outstanding 100% Review and Verification Service (RAVS) safety score from the company.

Reducing Risk and Improving Safety

Since their founding in 2001 ISN has served as a world-class forum for its members to share industry best practices that reduce risk and increase safety, a process measured by the RAVS safety score. ISN hosts some of world’s largest companies and is a leader in assisting with safety compliance.

Workplace Safety is a Top Priority for LEAD

“The decision to join ISN nine years ago was in line with our primary goal of safety first at all times,” said LEAD President Mark Curtiss, “We’re very proud to have our workplace safety efforts recognized with a 100% RAVS safety score.”

LEAD becoming a member contractor of ISN nine years ago forwards LEAD’s mission of providing clients in need of skilled workers with outstanding candidates trained and equipped to the highest industry standards. Joining forces with ISN was an important step in promoting the best safety practices that LEAD keeps front of mind at all times, and a valuable addition to the onboarding process LEAD has in place to screen candidates for competency, safety, and more.

ISN’s RAVS Scoring System for Safety Compliance

ISN’s contractor and supplier management software builds an additional layer of trust into the contractor-client relationship through a variety of inspection and verification tools that allow clients and contractors to evaluate each other’s credentials through a trusted third party. Their RAVS score system is designed to determine which companies demonstrate a strong safety culture, and excel in their safety compliance and documentation practices.

“We’re looking forward to continuing this great work with ISN and all our partnerships in the future,” Mark said.