8 Questions to Ask Before Partnering with a Staffing Agency

Companies often need to supplement their workforce due to loss of employees, or seasonal production that demands more staff. Finding the right staffing company to be their partner in hiring can be challenging. Which staffing company is the right one for you? Aaron Taylor, LEAD National, Managing Partner offers these eight questions to ask to help you choose the right staffing agency for your company.

Do You Have Experience in Staffing my Industry?Interviewing a potential employee on video

It is important that your staffing partner be the experts in your industry. “Generalization is ok, but when you need an experienced and skilled electrician, you want your recruiters to understand the specific requirements and skills you are asking for in a candidate hire. The more the recruiter understands the industry the better candidate fit can be made,” says Aaron who has been with LEAD National – Industrial Staffing/Travelers since 2011. LEAD has a national reach through its regional offices and its national staffing center located in Los Angeles.

Do You Have References or Testimonials that Show Others are Satisfied with Your Staffing Services?

A solid staffing agency publishes true client testimonials from the companies they partner with and the skilled trade workers they employ. “If you don’t see testimonials available on their company website, feel free to ask for company references,” says Aaron. It’s always good to speak with someone who has first-hand experience in working with the prospective staffing company.

What Differentiates You from Your Staffing Agency Competitors?

Complete a thorough interview and assessment of staffing agencies you are considering. A staffing company should be able to tell you immediately why they are better or different than their competition. For example, Aaron says, “LEAD National is an employee owned company. Specialization, competence, industry-specific experienced recruiters and managers combined with unparalleled dedication are what differentiates LEAD National to its staffing competitors. The team ensures our employees are matched with the right clients based on what each employee and client is looking for.”

What Can You Expect from LEAD as Your Hiring Partner?

“Open communication and transparency are what make the best partnerships,” says Aaron, who, since 2001, has been working with construction and industrial skilled trade companies to provide superior candidates that far exceed their expectations.

Are Your Staffing Rates Competitive?

Be sure to compare rates. A good rule of thumb to make an informed decision is to get three quotes for services. Aaron cautions, staffing agency rates can vary due to the differences in services they provide. It is best to compare agencies who offer similar services. And then, when comparing rates look for the staffing company who offers more than the others. For example, LEAD National conducts background checks on candidates whereas many staffing companies don’t include this service.

Be leery of companies with rates that are far below the others. Find out what the average pay rate is for that bill rate, and ask:

  • What is included in the rate?
  • Does the pay rate match the market rate for the skill required?
  • Are the correct worker’s compensation rates covering their employees?

How Satisfied are Your Employees with their Placements? What is Your Annual Staffing Turnover Rate?

Workers who are respected and recognized with competitive wages, solid benefits, and other services that provide flexibility and stability are most often happy in their jobs. A high turnover rate may be a red flag, indicating possible underlying issues within a staffing company. If they can’t keep their employees, then it is highly likely the hiring process is flawed – they’re not finding the right candidate for the positions available. “At LEAD National, our skilled trade workers are thoroughly vetted. We recruit employees who are safety-trained with proven experience and skilled in their specific trade,” says Aaron.

Are There Current Hiring Trends in Skilled Trades to be Aware of?

Having knowledge of specific trends in recruiting, or even hiring issues in the current climate, helps both the company and the staffing agency to best meet the project staffing needs.

How Fast Can you Fill my Open Positions?

Find a staffing company that can meet your needs quickly, or at least within your specific timeframe. “Response time to applicants, employees and business associates is the key to any successful workforce partnership,” say Aaron.

Considering Partnering with a Staffing Agency? Talk to LEAD National.

When your company is ready to ramp up their staffing with a staffing company who has a proven success, check out LEAD National. Aaron and his team will work diligently to find the best trade worker to quickly fill your open positions. Get started and call Aaron at 888-929-0213 today!