5 Ways to Be a Better Leader

Is one of your New Year’s goals to become a better leader? There are ways to enhance your leadership skills, whether you are in a leadership role currently or in a position where you want to show your boss your capabilities. Barbara Lopez, Regional Branch Manager at staffing company LEAD Corpus Christi, recommends spending time with other individuals who exhibit good leadership traits. She says, “Being
around like-minded people will help you reach your goals and, in the process, allow you to become extraordinary.” Barbara active member of several leadership and business organizations, including Vice Chairman of the Sinton Chamber of Commerce and the Co-Chair for Creative Referral Networking that meets every Thursday for lunch in Portland and invites anyone wanting to do business in San Patricio County to join them

Tips for Becoming a Better Leader

Barbara shares her top five tips to be a better leader.

Be Positive and Stay Away from Negative People

Barbara shares one of her favorite quotes from Mark Twain, “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” When working in a team environment you will often find an individual who uses negative-speak and lacks the ability to see the positive side of a task or issue. Though you may need to work with negative people, you can keep your distance. “If you surround yourself with people trying to improve and better themselves, you will be motivated to improve,” says Barbara.

Embrace Change

Change can disrupt and disengage any worker, even those in leadership roles. Barbara, who has been serving in a leadership role for over 15 years, says managing change and innovation is one of the top leadership challenges. Effective leaders are positive role models who manage change in a professional manner in order to gain buy-in.

Be Empathetic and a Good Listener

Be genuine. “Sharing common experiences shows you are human, or like your peers and staff. Empathy is proven to improve employees’ daily life which may result in increased production and profit,” says Barbara. “Together with empathy, being a good listener gains great respect from direct reports.”

Communicate Clearly and Concisely

Simple, clear communication is key to ensuring successful outcomes. “An effective leader uses plain, clear language when providing instruction or feedback to an employee,” says Barbara.

Find a Mentor and Be a Life-Long Learner

Improving on your industry and leadership skills is imperative to remaining relative in your leadership position. Furthering your education, no matter your role, will add to your resume and increase your chances for career advancement. Barbara recommends finding a mentor who can teach and guide you to strengthen your leadership skills. Not sure how to find a good mentor? Look to current or past supervisors who you admired for their professional character, or join a networking group.

Barbara has mastered her leadership skills throughout her career and brings her vast experience in the skilled trade workforce industry to every aspect in her role at LEAD Corpus Christi. She is diligent in finding the best quality workers to place with client companies with whom she develops true partnerships resulting in great success. Barbara believes when you choose the people around you wisely, they have a significant impact on your potential and how successful you become.

LEAD Corpus Christi Can Help You Find Great Leaders to Join Your Team

Reach out to Barbara today to work with the LEAD Corpus Christi team to find skilled and professional workers to help your company thrive as a leader in your industry. Call 361-208-7708 or email her at blopez@leadstaff.com to get started.