Agricultural Construction

Farm with silos with sunset in backgroundProject

Grain Storage and Handling Facility, North Dakota

Workforce Partnership Scope

AWS D1.1 Certified Millwrights

LEAD’s client partner needed them immediately during a holiday weekend

Recruiting Strategy

LEAD was contacted on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend by our client.  They had an urgent need for this very specific skill set and certification.  The catch: they needed them to start Tuesday morning after Memorial Day.

The LEAD team would need to qualify candidates who (1) had the certifications, (2) could start working on Tuesday after a holiday and, (3) travel to North Dakota with their tools before Tuesday morning.

With extensive experience coordinating travel arrangements for skilled trades, as well as recruiting and qualifying for precise specifications, LEAD’s tenured team of Project Coordinators worked throughout the holiday weekend.

Onboarding, Orientation and Travel Coordination

Team LEAD worked throughout the holiday weekend.  Not surprisingly, the much-needed candidates were onboarded, orientated according to client specs and their travel and accommodations to North Dakota arranged.

Using LEAD’s proprietary process for ensuring on-time job site arrivals, ALL millwrights arrived Tuesday morning, on time, properly tooled, with all necessary PPE.

This case is an everyday illustration of LEAD’s dedication to clients, their specifications, our trade network and bringing the two together and doing it with a foundation of integrity.