Sheriff Support Services Campus, Florida

Man on lift working on duct in buildingProject

Fleet Services Campus, Sheriff and Specialty Vehicles, South Florida

Specifications adhere to current hurricane code to withstand 160 mph wind speeds

Project duration: 9 – 10 months

Workforce Scope

Sheet Metal Mechanics, high level of experience with exposed spiral duct: offsets to be modified for building instead of following detail in blueprints.

Project Manager required the mechanics to have experience level to recognize variance between building allowances and blueprint parameters.

Duct will remain exposed requiring install perfection in preparation for painting.

Recruiting Strategy

Recruiting skilled trades was a challenge based on geography; very little residential area in proximity.

Based on LEAD’s in-depth insight of the market and projects nearing completion requiring similar skill sets along with excellent rapport with employees, the first recruiting source would be existing, proven skilled associates.

LEAD’s knowledge of the coinciding ending of projects and beginning of the Fleet Service Campus allowed for the best talent to be allocated to the Fleet project.


LEAD completes background checks on ALL employees.  A sheriff’s facility would certainly require background checks which was a non-issue for LEAD.  Therefore, no delay occurred in LEAD associates starting the project while waiting for background checks to be returned.

Clothing requirements: High visibility shirts, long pants

LEAD provides all assigned associates with high visibility t-shirts


Attrition on long-term projects may become an issue if consistent engagement is neglected.  LEAD’s policies and subsequent success with employee engagement completely eliminated turn-over.  Weekly visitation, interactions with associates and client allow LEAD employees to feel secure in their employment with LEAD and know that any issues will be promptly resolved.

Fluidity on the job site was maintained by visibility of LEAD’s representatives.  The client was not interrupted with HR issues; LEAD employees know that LEAD project coordinators are consistently, readily available.