Remove Job Search Obstacles with the LEAD Pinellas Advantage

In today’s highly competitive job market, candidates face various obstacles during the job search and hiring process which often results in frustration and long periods of unemployment. Jennifer Peavy, Branch Manager at LEAD Pinellas, a skilled trade staffing company in the Tampa Bay and Central Gulf Coast region, says, “Job seekers can avoid many of the obstacles and challenges candidates may experience by reaching out to LEAD Pinellas before they begin their job search.”

According to Jennifer, candidates often learn about LEAD Pinellas during a job search and even after they’ve experienced aggravation and disappointment. She outlines some obstacles and challenges with the advantages of using LEAD below.

Automated Tracking Systems – Automated resume screening systems are commonly used by companies. These systems look for specific key words and formatting which may result in a candidate being overlooked for consideration.

LEAD Advantage: LEAD Pinellas contacts its job applicants who submit online to begin the relationship building process that defines the personalization LEAD is known for.

Bias – Discrimination and bias based on factors such as age, gender, race, or disability can hinder a candidate’s chances, whether conscious or unconscious.

LEAD Advantage: LEAD Pinellas employs equal opportunity to all applicants that match the skills and training required for a specific job.

Competition – Many qualified candidates compete for the same advertised positions which can make it difficult to stand out.

LEAD Advantage: LEAD Pinellas partners with many companies in the region giving LEAD the advantage of a wide range of job options for candidates.

Incomplete Information – Job descriptions may not always display the complete picture of an open position, making it difficult for candidates to tailor their applications effectively.

LEAD Advantage: Recruiters build unique relationships with partner companies to better understand the role they are seeking to fill which results in a higher-than-average job matching success for LEAD Pinellas and its skilled trade candidates.

Lack of Experience – Entry-level candidates are often overlooked due to a perceived lack of experience and professional history.

LEAD Advantage: In addition to experience, LEAD Pinellas places great emphasis on training. We match qualified, expertly trained skilled workers with top companies throughout Pinellas County and the region.

No Feedback – Many candidates receive little to no feedback on their applications or interviews which can make it difficult to know where improvement is needed.

LEAD Advantage: We take an interest in our skilled trade job seekers. To find the best job fit that matches their experience, training, and character, our LEAD recruiting team will develop a relationship with candidates to learn about them and their needs.

Remote Hiring Process – Building rapport with potential employers can be more challenging in a virtual environment. With the post-pandemic rise in remote work, candidates may face challenges in adapting to virtual assessments and interviews.

LEAD Advantage: Customer/client service is a top priority for LEAD Pinellas. “Good communication is significant to LEAD’s success in matching the right skilled trade worker with our partner companies’ open positions,” says Jennifer.

Skills Gap – Rapid technological advancements often create skill gaps for candidates as well as a possible disconnect between the skills employers are seeking and the skills candidates possess.

LEAD Advantage: Our continued safety training program and skills assessment leads to successful job placement during the hiring process.

Job seekers must be adaptable and strategic in their search for employment. Networking, continuous skill development, and resilience will help a candidate to successfully navigate today’s workforce hiring practices. Skilled trade workers can avoid most if not all obstacles and alleviate their frustration by reaching out to LEAD Pinellas before they begin their search.

Avoid the challenges of your job search and chat with Jennifer and the LEAD Pinellas team today. Call 727-219-2602.