Recruiting Best Practices at LEAD Professional

Carrie Mae Berry, Managing Partner and National Sales Manager at LEAD Professional, spends a lot of time honing her team’s recruiting skills for the business professional, health care, information technology, and manufacturing industries. Carrie’s team’s recruiting success relies on a combination of LEAD Professional’s tried and tested standards, as well as industry-wide recruiting best practices that ensure that candidates show up to their job site ready to excel.

Here are 5 key best practices for recruiting success in the business professional, health care, information technology, and manufacturing industries.

  1. Look for What Your Client Needs

Companies go to the staffing industry because they need the perfect candidate, and don’t feel they can find one without help. You won’t be doing anyone any favors by sending the client someone who doesn’t meet their criteria. LEAD Professional starts off the search for the perfect candidate by listening closely to their clients’ needs, and identifying all the variables of the position that need to be specified for.

  1. Build and Maintain a Strong Network

One of the best parts of working with a staffing company is gaining access to the broad talent pool companies like LEAD Professional build up over their years of doing business. By focusing on relationships and networks, a great staffing partner can keep you in touch with top talent to be ready at a moment’s notice.

  1. Stay Informed of Industry Trends

The availability, cost, and supply of skilled workers is constantly changing. Being up to date on what it will take for clients to find the perfect candidate will make the process smoother from the beginning, and prevent staffing companies from either over-promising or not seeing untapped potential.

  1. Screen, Screen, Screen

There are great workers out there, but finding the perfect fit requires stringing screening measures to avoid hiring someone who will create a mess for everyone involved. LEAD Professional uses an industry-leading set of screening and competence procedures during the onboarding process that includes drug tests, background checks, skill testing, interviews, and much more.

  1. Pay Competitive Wages

There is no way around this one. To hire the best you have to pay competitive wages. A great staffing company will know how to get the most value for the best price from an employee, while also making sure that employee gets the pay they deserve.

The list of best practices Carrie and her team follow goes on and on.

LEAD Professional places a high volume of temporary, direct hire, seasonal and temp-to-permanent staffing positions for national and regional manufacturers, with a geographic reach nationwide. Carrie’s team regularly fills positions for RN’s, controllers, senior accountants, CFO’s, HR directors, district managers, radiology technicians, and recruiters.

Contact Carrie at 239-398-0874.