New Year’s Resolution: Revamp Your Hiring Practices with Lead Staffing

In the first month of the new year, it is essential to reflect on the past year of business and see where changes can be made to benefit the company as a whole. Often, one of the most effective places to make changes is within your onboarding process. 

When a position opens within your company, it can be stressful finding the right candidate to take the spot. Filling a job with a
knowledgeable, passionate, qualified new person is essential, but how do you find all of that? Filling the gap probably needs to happen quickly to move along with projects and keep business flowing. But the time it takes to hire appropriately can be costly.

Imagine hiring a project manager for a vital commercial construction job who only has experience working on residential projects. That person is not right for the job, meaning that the project will probably not get done correctly. Making correct hiring decisions right off the bat is essential.

It is imperative to take a step back and look at your hiring practices. Is there a significant amount of care put into this aspect of your company? Do you have specialized recruiters, a proven screening process, experienced interviewers and a strong orientation and onboarding procedure? These are essential components of a successful hiring process.

Talk about overwhelming. While managing projects, meeting with property owners and discussing plans with engineers is something that you specialize in, hiring may not be as straightforward. Think of the hiring process just like any other construction project: it requires a well-thought-out plan that leads to a successful and reliable result. If the proper amount of preparation and effort is not put into a construction project, the result will likely not be what you wanted. The same goes for hiring a candidate.

Here’s where Lead Staffing comes in. You’re so busy with projects and keeping your business running smoothly, how could you possibly have time to revamp your hiring practices? Sure, it needs to happen. It makes sense to not waste any more time or money on the wrong candidates for the job. The best way to create a stress-free hiring process that’s already proven to be successful is by hiring Lead Staffing.

The experienced team at Lead Staffing has the hiring system all set up for you. We begin by tailoring the search for your candidate based on your needs. Then, we review the application and work history before bringing a candidate for a personal interview to verify his or her skills. Once that’s complete, we validate references, perform a background check and drug screening, and confirm a candidate’s work eligibility through E-Verify. It doesn’t end there, though. Once Lead Staffing has helped you find the perfect person for your team, we also take them through a New Employee Orientation, this covers job-specific credentials, site-specific training, and PPE issuance.

There’s no better way to feel comfortable in your hiring choices and build a successful team to get more jobs done. The more work Lead Staffing does for you, the easier it will be for you to worry less about the hiring process and more about how to better your business and increase income.