Is Your Resume Lost in a Black Hole?

Do you feel that your job application or submitted resume ends up in the abyss of a black hole? Well, you are not alone! Job applicants, even those who have paid for a professional resume, are struggling to get noticed. And many applicants don’t receive acknowledgement of their submissions! “Unfortunately, the number of people applying for a job and the automated application process does present challenges to job seekers,” says Dick McLaughlin, LEAD New England Managing Partner and manager of LEAD Healthcare.

Dick, who has been in the staffing industry for 25 years, offers these strategies to help improve your odds of application and resume success.

Customize with Key Words and Relevant Skills – Each open job is unique, and your resume should be tailored to that specific job description. Automated, or Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), filter out keywords which allows the application to pass through the system. “Keywords are king in the digital application world,” says Dick. “To best increase your chances, include keywords and relevant skills from the job description in your resume and the online application.”

Connect with Industry Professionals – Networking with people in your industry can increase the likelihood of your resume landing in hiring hands. Dick recommends attending events to seek out professionals who might help with an introduction to hiring staff.

Develop a Social Media Presence – A professional online and social media presence is a must in today’s workforce hiring practice.

  • Social Media – LinkedIn is a top professional site that is essential to networking and connecting. Create a LinkedIn profile that includes your professional experience, education, training, and accomplishments. Be sure your profile indicates you are currently available for employment. “Don’t be shy. Engaging in relevant posts with comment shows your knowledge and enthusiasm,” says Dick, whose team often uses LinkedIn to recruit qualified skilled candidates for employment.
  • Personal Website – Provide a comprehensive professional overview with an online portfolio where you can showcase your skills and achievements. Include your personal URL address on your resume.

Follow Up – Every application or resume submission should be followed-up with a short introductory email thanking the hiring company for their consideration. Also send an email to the hiring manager to show your interest and proactive approach.

Ask for Referrals: Companies often incentivize their employees for referred quality candidates.

Seek referrals from family, friends, and current employees or professionals in the hiring company.

Optimizing your resume and following Dick’s recommendations may increase your chances for job search success. And if you want to significantly minimize the challenges of your job search, LEAD Healthcare staffing can do the work for you! Call the LEAD Healthcare team at 508-801-3755 to learn about open positions that may be the right fit for you.