Staffing Agencies and The Big Secret

Businesses in need of supplemental staffing often don’t consider using a staffing agency. Many companies find it taboo to go outside of their own company for hiring needs and workforce solutions. However, those companies that employ a staffing firm often experience what Jason Stephens, Managing Partner of skilled trade staffing company, LEAD Tampa Bay, calls The Big Secret which includes the three top reasons a company should consider staffing agency utilization.

  1. Industry Experts Hire Industry Experts

“There is no better way to ensure jobs are filled with the best of the best than to use a staffing company that focuses on your specific industry,” says Jason. Staffing companies, like LEAD Tampa Bay, understand industry hiring challenges and employ recruiters experienced in that industry. “Having a niche is optimal,” says Jason. “For example, LEAD Tampa specializes in staffing skilled trade workers in the industrial and construction industries.”

Jason, a licensed general contractor in the state of Florida with over 20 years’ experience in the construction and building materials industry says, “Focusing on a specific industry provides greater insight and knowledge when considering employee qualifications and what is ideal or desired in that industry. It helps us match skilled trade workers where they best fit within our client’s open positions. Every position, whether a carpenter, electrician, or welder, has its own set of challenges that only someone from within the skilled trades industry would completely understand.”

  1. Higher Productivity

Using a staffing company for your workforce solutions can result in increased productivity. “There is something to be said for getting it right the first time,” says Jason. Often, due to lack of an HR generalist’s trade industry knowledge, the first employee placement does not work out which results in loss of productivity with the starts and stops of finding the right candidates for a job. “A staffing firm that has a pool of talented candidates from which to choose sees greater probability of the perfect match compared to an HR generalists’ hire. Plus, due to the access of highly qualified talent, niche staffing companies like LEAD Tampa Bay, are quick to hire,” says Jason.

A staffing company will have processes in place to expedite the hiring process thereby saving a company valuable time and getting to what matters – having a fully qualified and safety-trained staff that meets and completes project timelines. Additionally, the less time a company spends on finding the right candidate for their open jobs is time available to spend on other tasks and projects within the company. Typically, a human resources (HR) department, whether it consists of one or several staff members, has many roles; day-to-day employee management, on-boarding, training and education, implementation and maintenance of company policies and procedures, and employee engagement and recognition. “Transferring the lifecycle of HR responsibilities to a staffing company has its merits,” says Jason.

  1. Cost Savings

The cost savings realized with staffing agency utilization can positively affect a company’s bottom line. “A big saving is the cost of a bad hire. Leaving the experts to find the model employee for the job saves money. Also, using a staffing company can decrease hiring staff, and save a company from compensation, benefits, and insurance and workers comp funding costs,” says Jason. He adds, “Advertising and turnover costs associated with bad decision hires also tap into the bottom line and are cost-savings often resulting from staffing agency utilizations.”

A staffing company understands the intricacies of the hiring process. It is the job of the firm to find the best qualified employee candidate for a position – whether working with a job seeker, or a company in need of supplemental staff. Can your company use the expertise of recruiters to increase productivity, saving you time and money while finding the best hire? LEAD Tampa Bay’s Jason Stephens and his team want to be your skilled trade staffing resource and are ready to let you in on the big secret of staffing agency utilization. Call Jason today to learn more! 813-513-0845.