Healthcare Staffing Apps Lack the Personal Touch

Real-time apps like Kwikly, Tempmee, and Stynt are the latest trend in dental and health professionals staffing. The online staffing apps claim to meet workforce needs through an automated employer/employee matching system – many boasting a ‘perfect’ match. How does this affect traditional staffing companies? Dick McLaughlin, New England Managing Partner who oversees LEAD Healthcare says, “These apps use algorithms to match staffing needs with dental or health professionals and can be successful for some healthcare facilities. However, the new real-time apps lack the personal care, professional skills, and rewarding experiences expertly provided by a staffing company such as LEAD Healthcare.

Dick says, “Automated systems have their place in our world, however when seeking a qualified dental or health professional, the personal interaction and level of care is what works best.” “We’re in the people business. Our recruiters meet with our health professional candidates, conduct an in-depth interview and assessment of their skills. The computer doesn’t do that. And, we build solid, trusting relationships with our healthcare facility customers.”

Healthcare Staffing Expertise

“We focus on what we know—healthcare staffing—and deliver a caring, concentrated, dedicated effort to place the best available health workers with our customers. Our healthcare team of recruiters has years of experience hiring and placing the perfect candidate for the best opportunity for success,” says Dick.

He explains, LEAD Healthcare Business Development Manager Katrina Hewitt, has extensive experience in patient centric care and is driven with a passion to find the right candidate for your office needs. It is through her research and relationship building efforts of finding new organizations to join our family and new caring health staff to help provide superior patient care and noteworthy experiences to our customers.

“It’s recruiters like Katrina, or Mari Mortelliti, Senior Staffing Specialist with 17-years of hands-on dental experience, who have a keen insight into a candidates’ soft skills to further meet placement requests and ensure a good fit. There is no mechanism to get the intel on soft skills and key performance indicators on either end of the transaction when using an app.” says Dick.

Mari says, “Soft skills are an important factor in finding the right candidate for a placement and something a staffing app cannot assess. When I interview a candidate, I listen for those key factors to confirm the potential employee has not only the skills needed for the trade, but the soft skills that will carry them through to a successful placement.”

Katrina further explains, “A dental office in need of staffing also wants someone who has clearly demonstrated the ability to adapt quickly and efficiently to a new workplace environment or unique patient situation. The office also looks for candidates who are effective in their communication, have critical thinking ability, demonstrated leadership, and a strong work ethic.”

Healthcare Hiring Process

In addition to lack of personal interaction, some staffing apps only offer temporary services and do not employ the candidates. This can put both the health facility and temporary employee in legal jeopardy with the IRS for non-complaint 1099 status, says Dick. LEAD Healthcare offers a thorough yet simplified and expedient hiring process for PRN/Per-Diem, temp, temp-to-perm and direct placement services with unique cash flow payment options for our customers and great flexibility for our healthcare professionals.

Healthcare Staffing Apps Licensure

In many of the new healthcare staffing apps, there is no mechanism in place to verify active licensure or continued licensure once a candidate is in the app system. Often, there are no checks and balances after the initial submission of credentials whereas LEAD Healthcare reviews a candidate’s skills and licensing on a regular basis. A dental office using an app may find they’ve been matched with a health professional who has an expired license, says Dick.

Healthcare Staffing Customer Support

LEAD Healthcare answers their calls. “Phone calls and emails are answered and supported by our human recruiters. We do not use a chatbot to weed through a Q&A file. Instead, we tap into our expert healthcare staffing knowledge and experience to respond to inquiries.”

The LEAD Healthcare recruiter is your trusted advisor, willing to go the extra mile to ensure a company’s success. “No one office is the same; each is unique in their culture and how they approach the business at hand– health care,” says Dick. “A computer system doesn’t intuitively know how to go that extra mile.”

If you are a dental or healthcare facility who seeks quality service with experts who want to help you get your work done, maintain patient satisfaction and profitability, let LEAD Healthcare be your go-to service to create a supplemental, sustainable workforce. Connect with Dick McLaughlin today to embark on a win-win engagement that offers an understanding of your unique cultural and employment needs. Call 508-801-3755.