Gain the Flexible Work Schedule You Desire with LEAD Healthcare

LEAD Healthcare can help you find feasible work flexibility through job sharing and multiple work sites. “Having flexibility in a work schedule can diversify your work culture while providing the work-life balance many workers are seeking,” says Dick McLaughlin, New England Managing Partner and manager of LEAD Healthcare, a staffing company offering PRN/Per-Diem, temp, temp-to-perm and direct placement services for skilled health professionals seeking employment in the dental care, physical and occupational therapy industries as well as medical office management and support.

“We help you find the right position for your circumstance – whether you are burned out by doing the same routine in the same job at the same location, you can only work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday because you are the caregiver for your parent on the other days of the week, or your schedule only allows you to work mornings because that is when your child is in preschool,” says Dick. “Our recruiting team can find a job more suitable to an individual who prefers variety in their work surroundings or find the perfect candidate for a health organization in need of a job-sharing partner.”

What is job sharing?

Originally designed for women, job sharing is when two or more people share one position and divide work equitably so that it does not disrupt the work of the department or practice. Job-sharers share responsibilities that make up the total job with the role typically designed to meet the needs of the job partners and the organization. Dick says, “The job-sharing arrangement can be any combination – 70/30, 60/40, 50/50, as long as the organization and both workers are in agreement of the split. It can be a great option for some parents, caregivers, and students.”
More and more companies are learning the advantages of the job-share work model. One of the main advantages of job sharing can be attributed to the saying that ‘two heads are better than one.’ Another advantage to sharing a job with another health professional is having a ready-trained back-up to fill in when a scheduled or emergency absence occurs. Job sharers complement each other with clear and constant communication which allows for seamless transitions.

Job-sharing can provide an organization with different perspectives and offers varied strengths in skills that often complement the job-sharing partner. And, Dick adds, companies see higher morale, increased productivity, and a more focused employee simply because the worker has had time away from the job to manage personal responsibilities.

Striking the right balance between work life and personal life is in high demand and LEAD staffing services can help skilled healthcare workers find that balance. LEAD Healthcare’s dynamic and committed recruiting team has proven success in matching qualified, talented health professionals to positions with the variety and/or flexibility some health professionals desire.

Commonly filled positions through LEAD Healthcare include administrative personnel, dental support, physical and occupational tech and therapist roles, and more, in facilities located in the northeast from New Jersey to Maine and nationwide.

Health professionals seeking flexibility, excellent benefits, and high-quality service are encouraged to contact Dick McLaughlin and his team to move forward in their search for better work life balance with the perfect job match. Call 508-801-3755.