“Keep Cool with LEAD” Summer Hydration Campaign Launches on National Hydration Day 2022

National Hydration Day 2022

Each June 23, National Hydration Day is celebrated in the United States. Hydration Day brings awareness to the importance of keeping hydrated to stay healthy and avoid illness due to heat stress and dehydration. Mark Curtiss, President of LEAD, a national staffing company specializing in skilled trades, says, “Occupational heat-related illness and injury are most likely underestimated. Workers often discount heat as a factor when not feeling well. Now that summer is here, it is more important than ever for our workers to keep hydrated.”

“Keep Cool with LEAD”

LEAD has launched its own summer hydration campaign, “Keep Cool with LEAD” for its employees to keep cool during these hot summer months. “Safety for our workers is always a top priority and creating this campaign to remind employees of the challenges in working in the summer heat,” says Mark.

One way employees are keeping cool with LEAD is through the distribution of Basis Hydration packets. “To help keep hydration top of mind, LEAD branches are distributing Basis Hydration, low sugar powder packets to our employees. This certified organic, electrolyte mix hydrates you faster and is more efficient than water alone,” says Mark.

What More is LEAD Doing During Their Summer Hydration Campaign in 2022? 

LEAD Pacific Northwest Regional Partner Michael Lennox says, “It is crucial to remember to stay hydrated on these hot days.” LEAD Pacific Northwest is one of 12 LEAD locations that provide quality skilled workers to meet the workforce demand in trade industries such as commercial construction, industrial, marine, renewable energy and more.

Michael shares the following tips to keep cool in the summer heat:

  • Gradual adaptation to working in hot weather is a start.
  • Take a few short breaks during the day; and, if possible, schedule heavy work so that it does not have to be done during the hottest part of the day.
  • Dress sensibly and drink plenty of water.
  • Keep a sharp eye out for potential heat injuries in coworkers.

“Our team is keenly aware of the possible dangers of extreme heat conditions and we are reminding and educating our trade workers about the symptoms and hazards attributed to heat. In addition to the distribution of hydration packets, we have created an educational poster for display at worksites, highlighting the challenges of working in summer heat,” says Michael.

“Not only does heat cause noticeable physical illness like high body temperature, dizziness, nausea or vomiting, it can cause cognitive dysfunction that can impair decision-making, job tasks, and productivity.”  Michael says, “Heat can intensify existing health problems like asthma, kidney failure, and heart disease; it can cause heat stroke and even death if not treated immediately. This is why keeping hydrated and being aware of your environment is essential to employee health and safety on the worksite.”

Stay Hydrated in the Workplace

Mark Curtiss and Michael Lennox encourage all trade workers to be aware of the challenges heat can cause and most importantly to stay hydrated!  LEAD skilled workers who need more hydration packets, or more information on keeping cool while working in heated conditions should contact your LEAD branch recruiter.

And, if you are a business in the Pacific Northwest or other U.S. location seeking a staffing company with proven workforce solutions and where employee safety is top priority call Michael Lennox to get started!