Women Joining the Skilled Trade Workforce is on the Rise

Historically, males dominate the trade industries. However, more and more females are working in a skilled trade. According to the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), in 2018, 9.9% women (approximately 1,106,919) were employed in various occupation sectors of the construction industry in the U.S. Currently, that number has increased to 10.9% of female workers in the construction industry.

The Number of Women Choosing Careers in the Skilled Trades is Growing

LEAD team of women

“Women are becoming more aware of the outstanding career opportunities available to them in construction and the skilled trades, it very exciting”, says Carla Knapp, sales manager for LEAD Great Lakes, a leading recruitment company that partners with companies nationally to provide Skilled Tradespeople on long term contractual, temp to perm or direct hire roles. “Job growth continues to rise in construction, industrial, renewable energy, and other industries. There is a skilled trades labor shortage across the nation, and we are proud to be a part of the solution”.

Connecting Women in Construction

Carla, an advocate for women in the trades, is Vice President of the NAWIC Milwaukee Chapter 105. Over 4,000 women working in all sectors of construction, from trades to accountants, have found a community where they share goals and experiences with other NAWIC Milwaukee Chapter members. Carla says “The NAWIC, founded in 1953, has made great strides in connecting women in construction and continues to partner with education providers, research institutes and businesses to encourage young women to consider the construction industry as a viable career path,” says Carla. “Though the increase in women in construction is slight – at only 1% in two years – the increase is promising.”

“You can visit any active construction site and come to the same conclusion – women workers are lacking and we are a part of that solution “, Carla says, “More women are needed in the trades. Jobs in construction and Skilled Trades are vast and plentiful with many viable paths. The gender pay gap is significantly smaller in construction as well, another reason women are taking notice to a career in construction and or the trades. Women earn 99.1 percent of a man’s wage in the construction industry.”

Career Growth Opportunities are Available for Skilled Trades Workers

The skilled trade industries are itching for highly trained, safety conscious workers to join the workforce. “The Great Resignation and slow recovery from the economic impact as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic has caused a gap in skilled trade jobs – many open positions remain unfilled, with new openings steadily increasing,” says Carla. She encourages women interested in being trained to work in construction or another trade, to check out the state’s requirements as they may be different; not all state requirements and licensing are the same.

Skilled Trades Labor Solutions

If you are a company looking for skilled trade labor solutions – male or female – or a potential candidate in search for your next best job, contact Carla Knapp and her team at LEAD Great Lakes via phone or text at 414-285-0743.