Trade Workers Win with LEAD National

Trade workers find success in getting hired when working with LEAD National staffing. Job seekers are guaranteed one thing when they join with LEAD National – Aaron Taylor, LEAD National Managing Partner and Tony Rodriguez, Head of National Recruiting and Training will do what it takes to exceed your expectations, providing the best opportunities available to match you with top industrial companies in the country.

Aaron says, “We make it a point to keep our employees working on assignments and creating the change for growth through promotions, or department changes.” LEAD National has a primary focus on placing electricians, conveyor installers and millwrights, pipefitters, machinists, welders and more in temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire positions.

“We take pride in setting our Associate Employees up for success and furthering their careers,” says Tony, who has more than 25 years of leading and recruiting experience. Below, Tony and Aaron share examples of Associate Employees of the LEAD Marine San Diego division furthering their careers.

Jamal, Ship Superintendent

Trade worker Jamal was once a security guard for one of LEAD Marine San Diego major defense clients. “Jamal wanted to get into the shipyard industry but did not have the experience. He did, however, have the right attitude we look for and the willingness to want to grow,” says Aaron. “LEAD encouraged him to interview for an entry level safety position with a customer company, for which he was hired. About 6 months later, Jamal was promoted to a Safety Technician. Unfortunately, nearly a year into his assignment, there were mass layoffs that included Jamal.”

In a scramble to get him back to work, LEAD Marine San Diego contacted LEAD National about an available safety professional position they were looking to fill. Jamal was hired on direct with the LEAD Marine San Diego client company.

Diligence and hard work paid off for Jamal. Tony says, “After working for over a year as a Safety Coordinator, Jamal was presented the opportunity to interview for a Ship Superintendent position with the same defense company where he was a security guard. He knocked the interview out and started on contract with us shortly thereafter. Our associate employee exceled in his new role, running point on three different ships contracts at once, and earning every certification he could,” said Tony.

At the six-month mark, Jamal was offered a direct position, where he continued to excel. Making it through another round of layoffs, he was promoted twice, is now making well over six figures, and has become an asset to LEAD Marine San Diego client.

Erik, Electrician

Erik was hired at the Helper level in July 2021. Six months later, LEAD National received a call from his supervisor letting the LEAD team know that in all the years he has supervised employees, Erik, “by far, was the best employee he has ever had. He shows up early, stays late when asked and even shows up on the weekends”.

Aaron says, “The key to Erik’s success is that he wanted to learn; he was coachable.” Erik was promoted to Journey-level electrician in December of that year. He was hired on full time in October 2022 and is still at the company where he continues to be recognized with promotions.”

Linda, Painter

Linda was hired in early January 2022 in LEAD National client’s painting department. Linda came to LEAD, already working a full time, stable job. She wanted more; however, the opportunities available would most likely result in a decrease in pay if she moved forward with her new employment goals. “Linda insisted that taking a pay cut was fine. She was looking at the big picture and overall future opportunities,” says Aaron. Linda became a high-level employee and was hired on full time only eleven months later.

If you are looking for employment success in the industrial trades with opportunity, flexibility and often higher than average pay, let the team at LEAD National find you the best job fit. And, if you are looking for a premiere staffing company to help you with filling open skilled trade positions – whether your need is temp to perm, permanent, short term, long term, project-based, or direct hire, connect with Aaron Taylor or Tony Rodriguez today. Call LEAD National at 888-929-0213.