Tips on Hiring the Right Staffing Company

Hiring a staffing company is a decision that companies make for many different reasons. This includes the need to supplement their workforce because of a sudden need for employees whether it’s due to seasonal project work or a loss of permanent workers.  “One of the biggest challenges a company faces when looking to hire employees is to find qualified and skilled workers in their industry,” says LEAD Tampa Bay Managing Partner Jason Stephens, who works to fill jobs in industrial and construction industries. Jason shares what to look for when searching for the right staffing company to hire.

A staffing company has the processes already in place to find the perfect candidate for the job. From gathering and completing the Recruitmentnecessary paperwork such as W2’s, background checks, etc., to understanding needs related to specific jobs in specific industries – the staffing agency you hire must show proven competence in these areas.

“LEAD Tampa Bay has a team of experts that work for the hiring company to achieve the success they need to fulfill the project goals,” says Jason. “Part of hiring the right skilled trades staffing agency is finding one that exhibits a true understanding of what is needed.” LEAD’s process includes gathering complete information from the hiring company which includes the following:

  • Business Information form
  • Bill Rate Acknowledgment
  • Terms & Conditions Agreement
  • Job Description that highlights the real responsibilities and skills required and includes site-specific details

Jason wants any company in the process of searching for a staffing agency to seek an agency that conducts site visits prior to a candidate starting employment. “LEAD conducts Site Safety Assessments to ensure the safety of our trade workers,” says Jason. The LEAD team makes sure their employees are, in fact, in “good hands”. “Safety is always LEAD Tampa Bay’s number one concern, and this enables us to make sure our client base thinks the same way as we do,” says Jason. He explains by getting specific details and understanding the safety dynamic on job sites ensures that LEAD has an understanding of their customer’s business and the value LEAD places on that partnership.

Jason also encourages the company find a staffing agency that they can clearly see as a partner.  “True partnership works when each participant respects the other with listening and open communication to wholly understand the end goal. “

If you are a company seeking a staffing agency who you can trust to match the right skilled trade worker in a fast and expeditious manner – one that works with you to manage the unique needs of a trade workforce, LEAD Tampa Bay is the right choice. Call Jason Stephens today!