Summer Time

Can you answer these questions?
First to email Melissa with the correct answers will win a $10 gift card to Starbucks!

  1. T-F Physical activity at high temperature can affect health and cause injuries?
  2. What is heat stress?
  3. T-F Dry clothes and skin means you are not sweating?
  4. On a warm day how much liters of fluid can you lose?
  5. How many times should you drink water on a hot day?
  6. T-F We should do more strenuous work in the heat of the day?
  7. How many weeks does it take for your body to adjust to the heat?

With Summer here neighbors will be gathering, barbecues going, it is important to take safety measures to avoid injuries.
Whether it is fishing, camping, hiking, day on a boat, or water skiing
Drink lot’s of water and use sun-block when out in the sun.
Summer is a fun time with family, friends, vacations too.. so drive safe, stay cool, and play safe.. Have a great summer !!!