Partnering with a Staffing Agency Can be The Best Way to get Started in a New Career

For workers at the beginning of a career in the skilled trades, getting your foot in the door can be daunting, and partnering with a staffing agency can provide advantages to your process that you won’t have on your own.

There are Many Benefits to Partnering with a Staffing Agency

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“There are a lot of benefits a staffing agency can provide workers getting started in a new industry,” said Alan Biliti, Marine Division Account Manager at LEAD Marine San Diego, “It can be tough when you’re starting out on your own, and joining the LEAD Marine San Diego team will put you in the center of a group of highly skilled individuals who all want you to succeed and know how to make it happen.

Alan’s experience of four years in the US Navy combined with four years of growth and success at LEAD Marine San Diego puts him and the team he has built in the perfect position for understanding what it means to have a group of highly qualified people at your back.

A Staffing Agency Can Help You Build a Network in a New Career Field

There are several elements of the LEAD Marine San Diego experience that benefit workers at the beginning of their career. LEAD Marine San Diego can do the hard work of connecting you to companies seeking skilled trade workers, leveraging established relationships that take decades to build and putting you in the heart of a network you can’t access any other way.

“The relationships we’ve built up are invaluable to our new hires,” Alan said, “We have put all of our efforts into our client’s success and that has created trust between us. When you partner with us that trust becomes your responsibility, and if we bring you onboard it’s because we know you will act accordingly. Our clients know that too. For the new hire this means once you’re on our team you’re involved in something much bigger than yourself, and that’s the most important part of starting a new career.”

LEAD Marine San Diego has Years of Experience Connecting Skilled Trade Workers and Clients

LEAD Marine San Diego has years of experience connecting skilled trade workers with highly important and essential projects in their nationwide geographic reach. This experience will help you do the difficult work of finding the right hiring manager, and many other onboarding tasks that pose difficulties when starting out on a new career. A great staffing partner will be able to put you in touch with exactly who you need to meet. This saves you time and effort and gets your foot in the door where it matters most.

“In the staffing world, relationships and trust are everything,” Alan said, “LEAD Marine San Diego has put in the work over the years to build these strong, long-lasting win-win business relationships that people at the beginning of their careers will benefit enormously from taking part in, so there is a lot to be gained by picking up the phone and giving us a call.”

LEAD Marine San Diego focuses on the Industrial and Marine Industries, and regularly fills positions for marine electricians, pipe welders, riggers, ship fitters, ship mechanics, ship superintendents, specialty welders, and structure welders. They have a geographic reach from Virginia, Florida, San Diego, Wisconsin, Seattle, Hawaii, and nationwide.

“Regardless of where you are in your career LEAD Marine San Diego can help you get to the next level, but for young workers, workers changing careers, and people starting fresh in the skilled trades for any reason, it makes sense to see what we can offer you in terms of career advancement,” Alan said.

Let LEAD Help You Get Started in a New Career

One of the biggest benefits of joining Alan and his team is being invited onboard in the first place. LEAD Marine San Diego has a stringent hiring process that takes discipline, competence and a good attitude to succeed in. LEAD’s clients know this, and joining LEAD is one of the best endorsement’s you can give yourself at the start of a new career.

Hear more about it from Alan and his team: 619-468-2372.