LEAD Staffing Launches a Nationwide Franchising Arm


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Mark Curtiss
LEAD Staffing
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LEAD Staffing launches a nationwide franchising arm, Lead Staffing Franchising, LLC, offering opportunities to professionals interested in entering the lucrative staffing services industry.

TAMPA, Fla. – (March 31, 2021) – A leader in the Trade Staffing Industry, LEAD Staffing, has launched a Franchising arm seeking franchisee partners. Founded by industry veterans, LEAD brings decades of successful leadership and management experience to help existing and future staffing partners and franchisees

LEAD’s business model is an effective methodology which gives the partner-franchisee a platform to build their business and capture market share quickly and efficiently. LEAD operations provide a launching pad built on a unique operating system and sales process designed to overcome issues that can help promote sustainable, scaled growth. Leveraging these systems and incorporating industry-leading technology, LEAD’s focus on operational excellence has established a distinctive national reputation of market leadership.

“I see franchising as the next step to increase LEAD Staffing’s national footprint and scale the business model with franchise partners. In 2020 we served our customers in 37 states with our nine regional offices. Over the last ten years, our back-office systems have been refined and expanded in support of our Partnership Development Program which began in early 2017. With that refinement, LEAD’s Partnership Development Program has paved the way for the new franchising arm. My goal with LEAD is to provide staffing industry veterans and other sales professionals with the opportunity to benefit from their work through profit sharing and ownership of their operation. This model provides assurance to our customers of a genuinely high level of personalized service while focusing on a safe working environment for our employees,” said Mark Curtiss, president of LEAD Staffing.

LEAD is looking for leaders who are highly driven and motivated to build and capitalize on client relationships as a vehicle for growth. Franchisee candidates should have excellent management skills and meet the financial requirements to become our franchise partner. If you have these qualities to become a partner, visit https://leadstaff.com/franchise/.

About LEAD Staffing
With its headquarters in Tampa, Florida, Lead Staffing operates 9 regional offices servicing industrial, commercial construction, renewable energy, and marine skilled trades resource organizations. For more information, visit www.leadstaff.com.