LEAD Pinellas Focuses on Long Term Partnerships to Control Quality and Cost

LEAD Pinellas continues to focus on long term partnerships with clients and workers as a way to ensure the highest quality skilled trade professionals reach the most important projects at the most efficient price point. The Florida branch has exemplified LEAD’s mechanism of service excellence over the years and continues to find ways of improving their clients’ outcomes and the quality of the skilled trade workers they partner with.

Long Term Partnerships Build Trust

Construction workers with blueprint on site

“We’ve always valued long term partnerships as a way to build trust and make sure our clients receive the most value possible from the employees we’re matching them with,” said Jennifer Peavy, LEAD Pinellas Branch Manager, “And this focus on partnerships also helps us find skilled trade workers who bring the highest level of commitment and competence to their projects for the best possible price.”

LEAD’s Employee Onboarding Process

The process of matching the most skilled worker with the right client for the best price begins with a rigorous onboarding process that is integral to LEAD Pinellas’s success. The six-step mechanism of service process begins with closely listening to the specific needs of the client, and optimizing the recruiting strategy based on the client’s specifications.

“When you know exactly what kind of skilled workers your client is looking for and have an ideal candidate in mind it becomes easier to select people who can really deliver the goods,” said Jeremy Reask, LEAD Pinellas Project Coordinator, “We save a lot of time and money for our clients, our employees and our whole team by starting projects in the right direction from the get-go.”

The long-term partnership aspect comes into play with the next steps of the onboarding process, as candidates are carefully screened and tested to the highest standard to ensure they belong on the job site and will contribute to the project’s success.

“We only send our client’s workers who have proved themselves to be the best and most reliable in the business,” Jennifer said, “Our mechanisms of service build a trust that is crucial in the staffing industry and this trust remains our highest priority so our clients can get to work knowing their new hires arrive fully committed to the job at hand with a solid background of skills and great reputations to their name.”

LEAD provides the candidate with any appropriate PPE requirements, scheduling solutions, and travel needs. After the new hire arrives on the job site LEAD continues to follow their progress and work closely with the client and the worker to ensure that the project management goes to plan. This careful and deliberate process is preferable to other methods of staffing commonly seen throughout the industry.

Putting the Right Candidates in the Best Jobs Based on Their Experience

“It’s easy to find people who want to work in construction, but a great staffing agency does much more than just that,” said Jeremy, “It’s about maximizing the benefits for all parties involved with the ultimate goal of providing our great state of Florida with the highest quality office buildings and other crucial infrastructure. We’re invested totally in that outcome.”

This focus on trust and reliability has been an important part of LEAD Pinellas’s success in building great relationships in the Florida area. The branch has a wider geographic reach from Clearwater, Largo, Pinellas County, The Tampa Bay Region, and the State of Florida. Their office regularly fills positions for electricians, 6g pipe fitters, plumbers, sheet metal mechanics, TIG welders, and welders, and specializes in commercial construction and skilled trades more broadly.

Contact LEAD Pinellas for All Your Staffing Needs

Between the two of them, Jennifer and Jeremy have nearly twenty years of experience in the staffing industry, and excellent knowledge of customer service, recruiting, and sales. Together they have worked closely with the nationwide LEAD family to develop and implement the best practices for their branch that continue to benefit their clients and workers.

Reach out to Jennifer and Jeremy today and hear how the LEAD Pinellas family can make a difference in the work you do: 727-219-2602.