LEAD Corpus Christi, Operations Manager Joseph Aceves Alerts all Employees about Health, Safety, and Environment with Spider Bites

As the weather warms, workplace safety is a top priority as many jobs gear up for outdoor activity-perhaps, spring cleaning of a work site or storage building. Care should be taken as warm weather is also a time for spiders to be active.

Safety at LEAD always comes first, and preventing an incident before it happens is a win for all. LEAD had an employee that a spider bit. LEAD Corpus Christi Joseph Aceves, Operations Manager, immediately pulled together an HSE alert and distributed it to all employees at job sites.

“I was helping an employee move a piece of the grating. After we set it down, we walked back and felt a pain like I was stung by a bee. When I touched my armpit, the was a little spider. I threw it down, and the other guy killed it. I reported it to Mike Thorn, the supervisor. The then called Edwin, and he took me to see the nurse.”

–  LEAD Employee

The employee recovered fine and is back at work. “It is crucial when a situation arrives that we educate all employees to prevent future happenings, Joseph Aceves says.” I sent the attached alert out to all the employees we have working to help them be aware of Spiders now that the weather is heating up.”

Spider handout


Download the HSE Alert Spider Handout