How LEAD Marine Jacksonville attracts Top Marine Talent for their clients

LEAD Marine Jacksonville has attracted top marine talent for its clients in the industrial and marine sectors by focusing on a uniquely hands-on approach to attracting the best trade workers available, combined with a stellar office team that understands deeply the needs of each individual project and what will be required of the staffing candidate. This combination of excellent recruiting methods with deep knowledge of where to place each candidate, and a deeply supportive administration that follows the project from start to finish has allowed LEAD Marine Jacksonville to create one of the most desirable working environments for tradespeople and clients alike; the best attract the best.

“The goal of LEAD Marine Jacksonville is straightforward: when essential marine and industrial projects require a skilled trade worker, we put all of our experience and knowledge to work making sure that position is filled by somebody who will exceed our clients’ expectations and get the job done right,” said Chris Patterson, LEAD Marine Jacksonville Project Manager and Recruiter, “While it’s straightforward, it is anything but easy, and LEAD has done an excellent job of putting in place a system that ensures we continue to attract top talent for our clients nationwide.”Ship marine worker

LEAD Marine Jacksonville finds the best talent for any specific job by starting with clear and detailed criteria of the client’s specific needs for the job, as part of the company-wide method for successful hiring called LEAD’s Mechanisms of Service Excellence.

“We know that every job is different and requires a specific skill set in the staffing candidate, and so the first step to bringing on top talent is narrowing the search to those candidates who will fit the position best,” Chris said. “This hands-on approach has allowed our clients to be confident that the candidate we send them is aware of exactly what will be expected of them.”

The follow up to identifying the right candidate is a sequence of background checks, skill certifications, and various screenings that ensure only top talent with the right experience are considered for the role. This allows LEAD to identify those workers who are really in the industry for the right reasons, and weed out those who might be better served in less demanding jobs.

“Our clients are working on some of the most important jobs in terms of how many people will rely on these projects functioning properly, and there is simply no room for anyone who doesn’t understand the seriousness of what they’re taking part in,” Chris said.

Many of the marine projects that LEAD regularly fills positions for have need for structural welders, fitters, riggers, machinists, carpenters, marine electricians, pipe welders, and entry level opportunities, these positions are filled in a geographic reach from Florida, Hawaii, San Diego, Seattle, Virginia, and Nationwide.

For all of these positions, across the geographic reach, the Mechanisms of Service Excellence ensure Chris and his team are finding the best people for the job, and bringing in workers who can pass the stringent screening process.

“The work really begins once we’ve onboarded the perfect candidate,” Chris said, “Day one on the jobsite finds LEAD Marine Jacksonville working closely with the candidate and the client until the job is done to be able to immediately assist with anything that can ensure the project’s success, as well as providing the PPE, travel requirements, and anything else that lets our top skilled trade worker contribute to his or her maximum.”

Chris and his team have been staffing marine industry businesses with the highest quality skilled trade workers throughout the country on some of the industry’s most important projects, and are proud to contribute to the award-winning work LEAD does in the staffing industry.

“We know the success of our clients’ projects is our success, and the way we continue to achieve successful outcomes is through attracting top talent to our company,” Chris said, “We come into the office every morning excited by the prospect of hunting down that perfect match and being able to tell our client, hey, we found the perfect candidate.”

Talk to Chris about finding the perfect worker by calling LEAD Marine Jacksonville at 904-463-5023.