Forklift Safety

It is natural to think of forklift DRIVERS when thinking of Forklift injuries and potential incidents.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, from 2011 to 2017, 614 workers lost their lives in forklift incidents.

Female factory worker driving forklift in factory

In 2017 alone, there were seventy-four fatal work injuries and 9,050 nonfatal workplace injuries or illnesses with days away from work tied DIRECTLY to forklift operation.

In publishing statistics about forklift incidents and injuries, many do not cite, or do not differentiate the pedestrians that are injured in forklift incidents.

Out of the seventy-four forklift caused fatalities in 2017, nine of those were pedestrians. An extraordinary 1,850 of the 9,050 forklift injuries were pedestrians.

Forklift related occupational injuries to pedestrians resulted in the HIGHEST median days away from work (20 days) compared to other forklift-related events.

OSHA mandates that all forklift drivers be trained and certified.

In partnership with our clients, LEAD assists with forklift programs that consider and include pedestrian safety as part of a comprehensive forklift safety program.

Resources and tools similar to the ones included in this document, keep knowledge and safety measures regarding active forklift areas top of mind.

“These numbers represent real people whose lives are disrupted, or worse, by a preventable incident.” –Loren Sweatt, OSHA

“Any time you have employees working in close proximity to forklifts or other heavy equipment, the potential for serious incidents becomes very real, especially when they have not been properly trained and are not abiding by mandatory safety rules and procedures,” “Both pedestrians and forklift operators need to know the safety rules and procedures, and they must follow them in order to keep the flow of products moving without endangering others in the process.”

–Chuck Moratz, NFSD Official & Senior VP of Manufacturing at Clark Material Handling Co.

LEAD has many resources in the form of videos, quizzes, handouts, and more.

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