Economic Slowdown Will Increase the Quality and Quantity of Available Temp Employees

One of the most important roles a temp staffing agency plays in the economy is giving construction firms the flexibility to start projects before they have the full-time labor on their payroll, and during times of labor market turmoil this role becomes even more important. An economic slowdown is a powerful opportunity for staffing agencies to pick out the best workers to be made available for temp jobs that in brighter times might have been hired elsewhere.  Dick McLaughlin, Managing Partner at LEAD New England, closely tracks the economic trends so his team will always be ready to make the most of any changes in the labor force and the broader economic situation.

Black construction worker smiling

“All of our focus goes into matching clients with the best available workers, who in turn we’ve taken the time to get to know, to train, and who we chose for our team because of their competence and quality,” Dick said, “In times of economic slowdown when a lot of people are changing jobs, we see this as an opportunity to pick out the best trade workers who might otherwise have escaped our notice.”

LEAD Continues to Take Advantage of the Changing Labor Markets

LEAD New England’s role of providing highly skilled, highly capable employees to a variety of construction, industrial, and marine firms across the region and across America more broadly, has become even more important during the turbulent economic times of the past two years when the pandemic introduced extraordinary labor market changes. As the economy continues to react to a string of disruptions, Dick and his team have stepped up to fill their role as the labor solution for firms navigating uncertain times.

According to a 2021 article by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in the Monthly Labor Review, the temp job employment figures are a “barometer for the employment changes in the U.S. economy,” as firms turn to the most accessible and flexible form of labor as they adjust to changes. That creates a challenge for staffing agencies like LEAD New England that have to rely on their know-how, expertise, and collective experience to step up to the plate when their industry is called upon.

“The challenge of reacting to changing patterns in the labor market is the exact reason LEAD New England spends so much of our time tracking and staying up to date on these trends,” Dick said, “We put in the work of having a variety of staff available for all kinds of projects so that companies who need to act quickly in turbulent markets have the means via a temp agency to do so.”

LEAD New England Specializes in Staffing Electricians

While LEAD New England focuses primarily on staffing in the electrical sector of New England and is licensed to provide electricians in all six New England states, the broader LEAD team has the ability to staff in all 50 states, which means Dick’s office focuses on the bigger picture, because the opportunity to hire a great worker can come from anywhere, and the demand to place them in a job to which they are best suited can come from anywhere across the country.

“It’s important for us to focus on our New England customers where the majority of our contracted jobs are,” said Leighann O’Brien, Trade Coordinator at LEAD New England, “But we live in a connected world, and we know what happens in New England depends on what’s going on elsewhere too.”

This broader focus extends to the kind of jobs Leighann and Dick focus on. While their primary focus is the electrical sector LEAD New England also fills positions for journeymen, apprentice, helper, equipment operators for lulls, skid steers, pile drivers, and more, as well as office personal for accounting AR/AP estimator, project manager, foreman, and field superintendent.

“Keeping track of how economic trends will impact staffing needs means communicating with all our LEAD partners so that we’re ready to make the most of every situation, Dick said, “So we consider New England to be our home, but our outlook extends far beyond that too. We’re all looking for ways to bring the best people on board our team so we can provide the best workers to our clients.”

Just bringing the best on board isn’t enough; Dick and his team also make sure their high quality workers all go through the highest standards of safety training and awareness, extensive certification and verification programs, background checks, and more.

LEAD New England is ready to work. Make their phone ring: 508-801-3755.