Calm the Daily Chaos with the Help of LEAD Marine Jacksonville’s Top Recruiters  

Spend any time in the maritime industry and you’ll encounter Murphy’s Law: if it can go wrong, it will. The day-to-day life of workers in the marine industry are about meeting the unexpected challenges that can lead to chaos if overlooked, and essential to this goal is a highly trained staff of competent team members. With a deep understanding of marine and industrial staffing solutions across the country, LEAD Marine Jacksonville prides itself on calming the daily chaos with clients through a deep understanding of their business and a time-tested process of finding the perfect skilled worker to best fit their needs.

“Our recruiters know how important their clients’ projects are, and how much work it will take to have them done right, and so it’s important when sending candidates to the job site that our whole team provides the ongoing support that makes LEAD Jacksonville uniquely capable of solving marine staffing challenges,” said Chris Patterson, LEAD Marine Jacksonville Project Manager and Recruiter.

The completion of any marine industry project depends on highly competent skilled trade workers, and when a position becomes vacant contractors often won’t have the time to spare tracking down, interviewing, and running background checks on all applicants, but it’s essential for the whole project that the right candidate arrives at their door. Working with LEAD Marine Jacksonville means Chris and his team take the time to understand your business, the specific challenges you are likely to face, and the particular culture and attitude you want to bring towards resolving such issues. Armed with this knowledge, they employ the full power of LEAD’s nationwide talent search and come back with the perfect match.

“So much of the daily chaos for our clients is made manageable by knowing the perfect team is on the job,” Chris said, “So when we track down the skilled trade worker who looks to be the right match, we don’t leave anything to chance. We onboard our candidates with a multi-step competency test, background checks, and drug screenings, all before you start narrowing down your search.”

Chris and his team regularly fill positions for structural welders, fitters, riggers, machinists, carpenters, marine electricians, pipe welders, and entry level opportunities, with a geographic reach nationwide, including Florida, Hawaii, San Diego, Seattle, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

“Our recruiters walk our clients through every step of the hiring and placement process, so that they know exactly what to expect on day one with their new team member,” Chris said, “We really try to foster long term collaboration with our clients because the better we know their business, the better we’re able to help them.”

In addition to the hands-on job search, once the right person is found, LEAD Marine Jacksonville provides the candidate with any appropriate PPE requirements, scheduling solutions, and travel needs. After the new hire arrives on the job site LEAD continues to follow their progress and work closely with the client and the worker to ensure that the project management goes to plan. This careful and deliberate process is preferable to other methods of staffing commonly seen throughout the industry.

“It’s about much more than just finding a good skilled worker,” Chris said, “It’s about finding the person who will fit into the overall culture of the company so that they will know how to respond when something goes wrong.”

Talk to Chris at 904-463-5023.