Bottom-line Cost Savings with LEAD Pacific Northwest

Running a business is costly, especially for the skilled industries in which a business counts on its workers to be expertly trained in their trade. Working with a staffing company, such as LEAD Pacific Northwest, can provide a flexible workforce, improved efficiencies, and great savings to the bottom line.

Businesses need more staffing flexibility. The use of a staffing company provides better flexibility and opportunity to adjust and respond to current day to day economic and industry conditions. “If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it is that no matter the industry you are in, it’s nearly impossible to predict changes in the business day to day,” says Michael Lennox, Pacific Northwest Regional Manager.

The heart of any operation is the employees who produce, and while they are key to business success, a change in economy may lead to reduced staffing needs or use of benefits like long-term sick leave, or worker’s compensation. “Our client companies rely on us to manage the ebb and flow of their staffing,” says Michael. A staffing firm can rapidly respond to staffing swings by maintaining workforce levels using its wide net of talent, thereby avoiding severance costs and large-scale layoffs.

“One of the most important roles we play as a client’s supplemental staffing firm is to keep our workforce safety-trained,” says Michael. “Ensuring a hazard-free workplace, skilled workers ready for their assignment, and prepared for the environment in which they are placed, minimizes workplace injuries — keeping workers compensation claims and costs down.”

LEAD Pacific Northwest has a robust safety training program that begins with a comprehensive, streamlined on-boarding process. “Our strategy allows us to build a deep talent pool of candidates who are qualified, conscientious workers,” says Michael whose team places tradesmen in the construction, industrial, and marine industries covering the Pacific Northwest and the Puget Sound Region.

Michael and his team at LEAD Pacific Northwest regularly fills positions at the Journey and Apprentice level for everything from structural welders, pipe fitters, and drywallers, to mechanics, plumbers, and more. Additionally, they place professional tradesmen as Foreman, Superintendent, Project Manager, Field Engineer, Safety Director, and more.

Focused on building long-term partnerships and maintaining highly qualified, well-equipped trade workers that produce reliable results for clients who need to supplement their skilled positions, Michael says, “Included in the many benefits of using LEAD staffing as a workforce solution is the opportunity to reduce workman’s compensation costs.” Workers’ Comp coverage includes lost wages and medical costs which ensures employees have a safety net if a workplace injury occurs.

Learn more about LEAD Pacific Northwest and take the next step to your workforce solutions today. Reach out to Michael Lennox to hear how his team can impact your bottom line, keep business costs down and your staffing levels steady. Call 855-485-5498 to get started.