5 Tips for Retaining Top Talent in a Competitive Labor Market by LEAD National

In the current competitive labor market, many companies are focusing on securing contracts for the best workers to stay ahead of their competition. LEAD National serves as an indispensable partner in that effort. Through its national reach across ten regional offices, LEAD National has been providing outstanding electricians and mechanics for the industrial and renewable energy fields for a decade, while providing their clients with industry-leading support on how to retain top talent.

“LEAD National focuses on delivering highly skilled traveling workers to our clients to complete the immediate project, but we also aim to build long lasting relationships by helping our clients improve their businesses over the long term by providing specialization, competence, and unparalleled dedication in service to our clients success,” said Aaron Taylor, LEAD National Managing Partner.

One of the most important attributes Aaron and his team bring to the table is a nationwide talent pool from which they select only the most competent and well-prepared trades people. After onboarding this talent with a rigorous series of background checks and skill verifications called LEAD’s Mechanism of Service Excellence, these top-tier workers provide clients with the highly valued labor that’s in such short supply today.

“Being able to bring in workers from all across the country is a major advantage for companies that choose to partner with LEAD National,” said Tony Rodriguez, LEAD National Head of National Recruiting and Training, “Our recruiters are able to work closely to fill our clients’ specific requests wherever they come in from.

Finding top talent is one thing but LEAD National also helps their clients retain the best skilled workers, which becomes more challenging and more expensive as competitors fight to fill the open spots on their payroll.

Here are 5 tips for retaining top talent in a competitive labor market:

1. Keep Your Wages Competitive

  • Skilled workers have a lot of options, and if your pay doesn’t keep up with competitors it won’t be long before employees go elsewhere.
  • It can be worth revisiting your compensation packages, including benefits, to make sure they’re up to date with industry standards.

2. Create Possibilities for Career Development and Promotions

  • Most employees don’t want to have to go looking for a new job — giving them the option of achieving high levels of responsibility within the company will help keep them around.

3. Listen to Employee Feedback

  • Not only will this help everyone get along, but it will also make your company better. Employees on the front lines of your business often know best what’s working and what needs to change.
  • Providing an outlet for employee grievances can help resolve issues before they escalate to the point where you potentially lose that employee.
  • Employees will often be the ones to raise safety issues and other important concerns and provide an important bellwether for when changes need to be made.

4. Foster a Positive Work Environment

  • People want to work for companies that care about them. Following the 3 steps above is a great start to building a positive culture: offer good pay and benefits, a path forward in the company, and listen to feedback.

5. Make Sure Employees Feel Supported in Their Work

  • That’s were LEAD National steps in!
  • Aaron and his team listen closely to a client’s needs and work closely to find the perfect candidate for the job.
  • Once that candidate is found, LEAD National supports them through to the project’s completion.
  • Many LEAD National skilled trades workers go on to full time positions with their clients.

Aaron, Tony, and the whole team at LEAD National can help with the 5 steps above, and much more.

LEAD National regularly fills positions for commissioning technicians, electricians, field service technicians, millwrights, pipefitters, machinists, and welders, with a geographic reach of the LA Basin and Southern California, in addition to Nationwide.

Reach out to Aaron and his team at 888-929-0213.